Hey Brunch Babes! I got the chance to eat at Produce Row for what they call – Beats and Brunch. This happens every Sunday from 10a-2p where a DJ plays some upbeat tunes while serving up some scrumptious dishes. I am not going to rate the service or wait but I am able to rate everything else.

Ambiance 4

Produce Row is located on the east side off of SE Oak St. I love eating brunch on the East side just because the parking is KEY. Don’t get me wrong, West side is fine but we all know parking downtown sucks enough as it is and you have to pay. There is actually parking spaces right in front and street parking all around. I didn’t have to spend 15+minutes trying to find a spot so I was so happy when I pulled up! If you don’t already know, the first few blocks of the East side are filled with somewhat warehouse/ industrial buildings. There are a lot of distilleries, furniture stores, distribution buildings in this area. PR is building happens to be one of those buildings.

Walking into the building, the space is actually bigger than expected. The layout is open and filled with wood. If you did not already know, the building use to be a brewpub so that is what I mean by wood. Tables, chairs, bar and picnic style seating in the patio, all wood. There is a lot of art murals on the buildings within this area and the colors on the walls reflect that. The inside definitely feels like a nicer pub but the patio is AWESOME. Like I said, it’s picnic style seating but the area is pretty big, big enough for a DJ! The concrete walls around are filled with paint so it’s urban/Portland vibes. There is even a clear cover over the top for the usual rain! I could sit out here every Sunday for brunch, no questions asked…love me a good outside seating.

Food – 4

I am a hard advocate for traditional brunch. Sure, you can go all extra or put a foreign spin on the dishes but I grew to love brunch food. I hated breakfast/brunch when I grew up but eventually loved the typical biscuits and gravy, french toast, ect… I loved seeing that they had the traditional dishes, avocado toast, breakfast sandwich and even some “lunch” dishes like salads and burgers. Of course, we ordered all of the above. Don’t you know me by now, Darling? The more the merrier!

I liked my french toast a lot! I never usually order it because it ends up being too sweet but this brioche french was actually just the right amount. The syrup came on the side so I could make it sweeter but I definitely liked it without because of the cinnamon custard! I was able to nibble on everyone else’s dishes and I must say, good! I am a huge biscuits and gravy fan and I NEED the gravy to be flavorful, not too bland or salty and the biscuits need to be soft enough to cut into with my fork. I think they had it down, no hot sauce needed. The burger was juicy and wasn’t bland, the salad’s buttermilk dressing was light and creamy and they KNOW how to do potatoes, fries included! MM, MM!


Overall – 4

The vibe of beats and brunch is what I love. The outside seating with the music was all upbeat feels. The brunch was traditional which I love. It’s nostalgic for me and if you can do simple well, why try and go all extra with it, right? I will definitely be back! You honestly cannot beat seating like that, especially in Portland, it’s hard to come by this combination of atmosphere and food. It didn’t hurt that I had some good company. Try this place for yourselves babes! Remember to Eat Rich Or Die Tryin.