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April 25, 2018

MCDONALDS Hey Babes, how are your beautiful faces doing? Everyone keeps asking how the new fresh beef patties are at Micky Ds so I am writing to finally tell y’all! I was given the opportunity to visit a local McDonalds and oh, em, gee. When the hell did they get so nice?!?! Club McDonalds, I […]


Wasabi Sushi PDX

April 15, 2018

LUNCH   A lot of you may know Wasabi Sushi PDX. They now have 4 locations and I had the chance to see their first brick and mortar off of SE 9th and Madison. They were the first, or at least I THINK, the first to come out with the sushirittos and the first to […]


Stacked Sandwich

DINNER (Happy Hour) Service – 4 You know how my previous posts say most places with hipster servers are not nice? These servers are hipster but they actually are nice! Mind blown. I got a chance to make it to Stacked for their new happy hour menu and specifically, it’s game- day inspired. The servers […]


Pho Nguyen

LUNCH Service – 3.25 It’s super hard for me to rate Asian restaurants. Growing up with my parents being immigrants, I’m use to just putting up with whatever from these Asian restaurants. Pho Nguyen service was pretty good compared to some other places. They’re super nice, speak pretty good English but just word of advice, […]


Japonessa Sushi Cocina – Seattle

LUNCH Service –   3.25 Being really popular on Yelp, I was expecting this sushi restaurant to be on point. The server was friendly but I went during the slowest time of the day 3pm right when I got into Seattle. There was barely anyone here but yet our server seemed like she was so […]


La Provence

BRUNCH Service – 3.5 First thing’s first, La Provence, during brunch time, sardine central, so I just want to let you know. I’ve been to multiple La Provence’s but I’ll rate based on the Progress Ridge location since I go here the most. The servers are usually nice, but they all seem in a rush. […]