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Hong Kong

December 11, 2018

Everyone asks me what Hong Kong is like. Even if you haven’t been, everyone has an idea of what Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam would be like but you don’t hear too much about Hong Kong. At least I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to prior to planning my trip. There are many different districts within […]


Radisson RED Hotel

Portland It’s staycation seasons babes and I spent some time at the new Radisson Red hotel in downtown Portland. It is all in the name and believe me when I say it is RED. Walls, stairs, room numbers, red. When I first pulled up I thought it was like any other new hotel. It would […]


Hi-Lo Hotel

April 15, 2018

HI-LO HOTEL Hey Babes! I always get the question from out of town followers of where they should stay when they come to Portland. I’m from here, born and raised, so I have no idea what the hotels here are like! Sure, I have been to restaurants within hotels but that doesn’t necessarily reflect how […]


Lo Bar

Lo Bar Service Lo Bar is located within the Hi-Lo hotel so when I received the opportunity to stay here, I definitely had to give it a try. I want to note that this is first and foremost a bar. They do have a formal, sit down restaurant (Alto Bajo) but the Lo Bar serves […]



BRUNCH Service – 4 Our server was super tentative and I love that. I told you guys, I love being waited on, who doesn’t?! If you say you don’t, bye because that’s a lie. Especially during brunch, I usually brunch when I’m catching up with someone and in this case, I was catching up with […]



DINNER I received the opportunity to attend the two year celebration at Altabira and let me tell you… BEAUTIFUL. They also had a burger that they’re entering into #BlendedBurgerProject to get a chance to cook at the James Beard house. I’ve never been here before so I can’t rate the service or wait. Sorry Loves, […]