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Deschutes & PDX Clocktower’s 30th Birthday

June 22, 2018

Deschutes Brewery & PDX Clocktower’s 30th Birthday Summer is here and that means 2 things – more traveling and more beer. Luckily for you Babes, why not do both to kick off the summer! Deschutes has not opened a location in Oregon for 10 years and they decided why not open a location within the […]


Zero Degrees

April 15, 2018

SNACK/BUBBLE TEA Zero Degrees is a franchise from California specializing in different bubble teas/ drinks. I call bubble tea, boba, if your hear me reference that, you know what I mean. Those weird little, chewy, tapioca bubbles. Before Zero degrees opened, Lee’s Sandwiches was selling their bubble teas alongside their products so it’s not like […]


Pre Feast 2017 Part 1

FEAST PORTLAND With September here, it only makes me think of what’s to come for the rest of the year. Sure, the first thing that come so to people’s minds is: leaves changing, pumpkin flavored goodies but I’m thinking of the biggest food event of the year! Feast Portland is a food bloggers D R […]