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Late Shake

April 15, 2018

SNACK- MILKSHAKES Service– 4 I’ve been waiting for a place like this… Milkshakes are THE shit! I mean my lactose in-tolerant may not think so but I doooo! This pop-up is inside Dapper and Wise Roasters so this place is already set up like a coffee shop. Get a menu, order at the counter and […]


Puffle Waffle

DESSERT Puffle waffle is the new stand at the Happy Valley Station food cart. I’ve seen these waffles allllll over social media and I’ve even had it at the 626 night market in Cali before so I was curious to see how it was going to be here. Since this place is a food cart, […]


Greens Babka NY

BABKA I’m going to keep this short and sweet…just like a babka. I legit had NO idea what a babka was. I’ve seen them a few times but always thought they were some type of cinnamon bread/roll.  Green’s bakery is based out of New York and they sell different types of Babkas. They ship anywhere […]


Juniors Cheesecake NY

CHEESECAKE Holy hell, I am so excited to write about Juniors Cheesecake based out of New York. I don’t know what it is about me rating New York products but if it’s able to get to me, I’m doing it! I saw multiple posts about this cheesecake on Instagram. I HAD to get my hands […]



DINNER Service – 4.25 Let me tell you, I was with a fairly big group and our servers handle us pretty well. We had drinks on drinks on drinks and they didn’t even break from their smile. The girls that took care of our drinks were great at explaining what each was. Although it’s written […]


Ruby Jewel

DESSERT Service – 3.25 Every time I’ve been here, I feel 10 years older than I should. The servers all look like they’re 16 which they probably are. Hey, I would love my first job to be at an ice cream place, are you kidding me? I’d eat all that shit up and blame it […]


Ringside Steakhouse

DINNER Service – 4.25 Ringside is a staple for Portland. If you want good service you come to Ringside! My server was very attentive and when I asked him what was good on the menu, he asked me my preferences- how much I was going to eat, what was I in the mood for?  He […]


Bestia LA

DINNER Service – 4.25 Everyone here is probably 35 or younger. Now, if you’re older reading this, that might not be a bad thing. Eye candy? Yeah? Although servers may be young-ish, you can just tell that they love where they work. I’ve never had a bad server here. My first time here, I was […]


Bottega Louie- LA

April 14, 2018

DINNER Service –   4.25 Each time I go here the service is always on point. This place is CRAZY busy but clearly they have a reputation to uphold. Please let me tell you about the last time I went. I was in town with about 7 other ladies for a girls trip. When I […]