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April 25, 2018

MCDONALDS Hey Babes, how are your beautiful faces doing? Everyone keeps asking how the new fresh beef patties are at Micky Ds so I am writing to finally tell y’all! I was given the opportunity to visit a local McDonalds and oh, em, gee. When the hell did they get so nice?!?! Club McDonalds, I […]


Byways Cafe

April 15, 2018

BREAKFAST Service – 4 Byway’s Cafe is just that, a cafe…more of like a diner actually. I don’t compare a diner to, lets say, Ruth Chris. They’re completely 2 different types of restaurants. I’m going to Compare Byways to other diners and whatnot. The service at Byways was actually what I would want out of […]


Mothers Bistro

BRUNCH Service – 3.5 You know when things start out really good, and then just die out at the end? No, I’m not talking about your sex life, I’m talking about the service at this place. My server was awesome… at first. He was nice, answered all our questions and was prompt. After we took […]


La Provence

BRUNCH Service – 3.5 First thing’s first, La Provence, during brunch time, sardine central, so I just want to let you know. I’ve been to multiple La Provence’s but I’ll rate based on the Progress Ridge location since I go here the most. The servers are usually nice, but they all seem in a rush. […]


Codys La Jolla -SD

BRUNCH Service – 2.75 Brunch is the busiest time for this place. Being a Sunday, I expected the service to be a little delayed. My waiter was nice and helpful but I think I saw him a total of 3 damn times. Service to me is like dating. I better see you like a good […]