Category: Small Bites/Food Carts


April 25, 2018

MCDONALDS Hey Babes, how are your beautiful faces doing? Everyone keeps asking how the new fresh beef patties are at Micky Ds so I am writing to finally tell y’all! I was given the opportunity to visit a local McDonalds and oh, em, gee. When the hell did they get so nice?!?! Club McDonalds, I […]


Cheese & Crack

April 15, 2018

SNACK- Soft Serve Service – I’m basing this solely on their soft serve, not their cheese or charcuterie. Funny that a cheese place has some popular soft serve. Guess this would fall under the “crack” option. Some crack with a side of chocolate ganache pleaseeee! The service when just ordering a soft serve is hard […]


Cloud City Ice Cream

SNACK- ICE CREAM Service– 4.25 The girls at Cloud City were all so nice! Since it’s National Ice Cream day, they were pretty busy giving out samples and what not. They saw me waiting and let me know they would be with me soon. Acknowledgement, even the slightest, makes the difference between good and great. […]


Late Shake

SNACK- MILKSHAKES Service– 4 I’ve been waiting for a place like this… Milkshakes are THE shit! I mean my lactose in-tolerant may not think so but I doooo! This pop-up is inside Dapper and Wise Roasters so this place is already set up like a coffee shop. Get a menu, order at the counter and […]


Whole Bowl

LUNCH Service –  4 I went to the whole bowl that was inside Portland Food Hall. The guy making my bowl was a mix between Fabio and a Hipster. I was super scared he was going to drop a beard hair into my bowl which is my biggest fear.. P U K E. However, he […]


Zero Degrees

SNACK/BUBBLE TEA Zero Degrees is a franchise from California specializing in different bubble teas/ drinks. I call bubble tea, boba, if your hear me reference that, you know what I mean. Those weird little, chewy, tapioca bubbles. Before Zero degrees opened, Lee’s Sandwiches was selling their bubble teas alongside their products so it’s not like […]


Puffle Waffle

DESSERT Puffle waffle is the new stand at the Happy Valley Station food cart. I’ve seen these waffles allllll over social media and I’ve even had it at the 626 night market in Cali before so I was curious to see how it was going to be here. Since this place is a food cart, […]


Ruby Jewel

DESSERT Service – 3.25 Every time I’ve been here, I feel 10 years older than I should. The servers all look like they’re 16 which they probably are. Hey, I would love my first job to be at an ice cream place, are you kidding me? I’d eat all that shit up and blame it […]