Category: Restaurants (PDX)

Ktown BBQ

April 15, 2018

DINNER Service –   3 Just a heads up, almost all Asian restaurants with asian servers, most likely the service is not going to be the best but hey! It just makes it that much more authentic. My server was a young guy probably late teens. He seemed overwhelmed whenever we asked for something but […]


La Provence

BRUNCH Service – 3.5 First thing’s first, La Provence, during brunch time, sardine central, so I just want to let you know. I’ve been to multiple La Provence’s but I’ll rate based on the Progress Ridge location since I go here the most. The servers are usually nice, but they all seem in a rush. […]


Ringside Steakhouse

DINNER Service – 4.25 Ringside is a staple for Portland. If you want good service you come to Ringside! My server was very attentive and when I asked him what was good on the menu, he asked me my preferences- how much I was going to eat, what was I in the mood for?  He […]


A Cena Ristorante

DINNER Service –  3.25 I honestly cannot think of anything to make the service stand out. It wasn’t the worst service but the server pretty much looked like she hated life. When I asked questions she was able to answer so she at least knew her shit. Note to all servers.. please try and fix […]