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McCrea’s Candies

April 15, 2018

CARAMELS I was given the opportunity to try McCrea’s candies, specifically caramels. Y’all know I have a sweet tooth so I was ABOUT this. Their website is super easy to use and honestly, I should document and rate on this more often. I love that it’s simple and more picture than wording. These are caramels, […]


Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Produce I’m sure you all have heard of produce delivery services. They’re convenient, am I right? I’ve previously subscribed to farmers market produce pick ups but honestly, I wasn’t a fan. The downside to other produce delivery services are either: you don’t get to choose what you want or it’s really pricey. The previous […]



*Obviously, I cannot rate this based on service, ambiance and what not* I really love the idea of food packages. It takes laziness to the next level. There are so many food services out there like “Hello Fresh” and “Blue Apron”. Those bring uncooked food to your door, and you’re able to make a beautiful […]


Greens Babka NY

BABKA I’m going to keep this short and sweet…just like a babka. I legit had NO idea what a babka was. I’ve seen them a few times but always thought they were some type of cinnamon bread/roll.  Green’s bakery is based out of New York and they sell different types of Babkas. They ship anywhere […]


Juniors Cheesecake NY

CHEESECAKE Holy hell, I am so excited to write about Juniors Cheesecake based out of New York. I don’t know what it is about me rating New York products but if it’s able to get to me, I’m doing it! I saw multiple posts about this cheesecake on Instagram. I HAD to get my hands […]


Japan Crate

SNACKS I hope some of you are as into these food crates as I am. I ordered another snack crate and this time it was FROM Japan! The Japan crate was legit, it actually had to go through customs, the whole nine yards. Japanese foods, candies, and toys are so popular. People love anime/characters, people […]