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McDelivery- McDonalds

July 13, 2018

McDelivery Day The time of the year has come for that special day. No, I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about McDelivery Day! On July 19th 2018, McDonalds has paired up with UberEats to deliver their signature foods to 20 markets around the globe. Yes, you heard me- GLOBE so all you beautiful Australian […]


Deschutes & PDX Clocktower’s 30th Birthday

June 22, 2018

Deschutes Brewery & PDX Clocktower’s 30th Birthday Summer is here and that means 2 things – more traveling and more beer. Luckily for you Babes, why not do both to kick off the summer! Deschutes has not opened a location in Oregon for 10 years and they decided why not open a location within the […]


Rock the DURoC- Chefs Table

April 15, 2018

DINNER I was at an awesome event tonight, guys. I got the chance to finally try Lechon and let me tell you, YYYAAASSS honey! This was a closed, private event so I can’t rate on wait, or service. This was a Smithfield Chef Table event which provided DURoC pork so EVERYTHING served was pork. This […]


Sandwich Invitational – Feast 2017

SANDWICH INVITATIONAL This the first event I attended at Feast and it was definitely a great Main Event. Restaurants/Chefs from all over get to create a sandwich HOWEVER they want. There were twenty plus competitors including some local favorites (i.e. Ringside, Pastrami Zombie, Louretta Jean). The vibe from the fest was high energy and intense […]


The Big Foody PDX

  THE BIG FOODY PDX TOUR I was invited by my foodie friend Juddiann to join a food tour and my first thought was, G E N I U S! I’ve heard of people doing food crawls and what not and I love the idea. My foodie friends will pick a theme, let’s say it’s pizza, and […]


Pre-Feast 2017 Part 2

FEAST 2017 PART 2 I told you babes about what events Feast will have. Not only are there fabulous events but Chefs/ companies pair up to create Feast inspired goodies for this month and this month ONLY. I love that so many companies, chefs and people come together for the love of food! How amazing […]


Pre Feast 2017 Part 1

FEAST PORTLAND With September here, it only makes me think of what’s to come for the rest of the year. Sure, the first thing that come so to people’s minds is: leaves changing, pumpkin flavored goodies but I’m thinking of the biggest food event of the year! Feast Portland is a food bloggers D R […]


The Bite Of Oregon

BITE OF OREGON The Bite of Oregon was all sorts of new this year. I has been previous years but honestly, I was not a huge fan. This event was always held after Brewfest and if you’ve been to the water front, you know it is T O R E up! I’m cheap as hell […]