Eat Rich Or Die Tryin

Welcome babes to Eat Rich or Die Tryin. A food and travel blog by me (Jenny Ross), going around, giving you the honest truth about food places. Showing you how I’m here for a good time, not a long time. No, this is not a second Yelp, and no, my ass is not getting paid to give great reviews. It’s the realist truth about the experience, rated on service, ambiance, wait, food and an overall. This blog contains foul language so if you get offended easily, fuck off.

Jenny Ross

I’m an honest, vulgar, “foodie” that just L O V E S good food with good people. I got so tired of going to places with great reviews and having just completely opposite experiences. I’m not trying to be a food critic nor am I trying to be Yelp. I’m not a professional photographer or writer so if my pics aren’t up to your standards and my writing style bugs you, screw you. Really babes, I just want to share my very honest experiences around the world with you in hopes that you can relate or prepare you for future food adventures. A little humor and food won’t kill anyone, and if it does, it’s worth it.

Rating System

EatRichOrDieTryin’s rating system is based on 5 hearts. Truth be told, very few, if any restaurants will get a 5 in my book. That being said, I’m a tough rater. I rate based on of how I was treated and my experience for each category. Service can be based on attitude, knowledge of the menu, how many times they check up and more. Ambiance can be rated on location, the vibe, the decorum, and space. The wait is self-explanatory. Wait is based on, how long it takes to be seated and how long it takes for my food to get to me. Food is based solely on my personal taste buds; everyone is different so again, this is my own opinion. Lastly, an overall based off of everything. I want you to know, if I rate a place 3.5 hearts, it doesn’t mean the food wasn’t good or that I wouldn’t go back. It could mean the service just wasn’t up to par or the ambiance was wack. Read up on some of the restaurants and decide for yourself! Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.

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