It’s staycation seasons babes and I spent some time at the new Radisson Red hotel in downtown Portland. It is all in the name and believe me when I say it is RED. Walls, stairs, room numbers, red. When I first pulled up I thought it was like any other new hotel. It would be modern, classic white or grey, on the drier side if you know what I mean.

I walked in and it was modern, yes but very different than I had thought. There was art and graffiti everywhere, there was a huge TV on the wall where you could take selfies, accents of red the hotel bold. The decor gives the hotel more of an urban feel which I feel fits well being located downtown next to Portland State. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, new and clean but I have no other word to describe this hotel than bold.

The room I was in was painted as a boom box with concrete, and white decor. I felt downtown for sure but they didn’t skip on the little things. They had little dog tags to hang on the door if your fur baby is with you, they had a garbage AND a recycling, wifi to open your room door and more. What I find most important is a comfy bed. Coming back from Asia, almost all of the beds there are hard as rocks. I needed a medium to soft mattress and this bed was perfect. I rarely sleep and I passed out right once I laid down.

The OUIBar& KTCHN had awesome drinks and delicious food. I was actually shook that the food was flavorful and just to my liking. I’m so iffy about steak at any restaurant. This steak was tender and flavorful, the potatoes (y’all know I LOVE a good potate), spicy shrimp pasta, ahh. I even made my own negroni, yes, you heard that right! They hosted a cocktail making course and I have to say…mine was pretty damn good and I hate Campari. 

I was especially happy in the morning when I had a tea and donut from the donut wall! Yes, lawd, you have answered my prayers. That’s never enough for me so I also ordered biscuits and gravy. I cannot tell you how soft my cheesy biscuit was and the gravy was just the right amount of salt and sausage. I’m drooling thinking about it! 

Other things that stuck with me about the hotel was it I did a lot on their app. I could order room service, request additional toiletries, or even check out. I push everything to the limit as far as times goes so I can check out a few minutes before checkout time and dip. No need to wait in lines or talk to anyone before I’ve had my tea. They also have a game lounge. My friend and I (@BaconAndBraids) drank wine and played Miss PacMan for like…an hour. They have shuffle board, foosball and a bar in this area. It was such a fun stay, I just wish I stayed longer. Check this place our for yourself babes because get this, it’s AFFORDABLE too. Insane! Remember babes, eat and travel rich or die tryin 😉