Everyone asks me what Hong Kong is like. Even if you haven’t been, everyone has an idea of what Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam would be like but you don’t hear too much about Hong Kong. At least I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to prior to planning my trip.

Apartments in Kwai Tsing

There are many different districts within Hong Kong just like any other major city. I traveled to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island but there is so much more I could have done. I absolutely love how busy the city is. It reminds me of NYC but filled with asian people (like me!) Hong Kong is made up of a few islands so some districts are pretty far apart. Luckily, they have an amazing public transit system such as a railway, double decker buses, taxis and so on.

Tsim Sha Tsui 

To get from the Airport to Kowloon I took the Mass Transit Railway (MTR). This was the quickest and cheapest way to travel. There are taxi’s everywhere so if you needed a ride quick, wave you hand and you’re good to go. Most people spoke english so getting around wasn’t that hard but they do have Uber if you’re worried about non-english speaking taxi drivers. 


The food in Hong Kong was SO good. Of course I ate traditional Chinese dishes like pecking duck, wontons, and dumplings. Let me tell you, Chinese food in the states will not be the same. They don’t try and do any crazy dishes like most people think. The food is just so flavorful and simple. 

I had a great breakfast at this place called Chrisly Cafe. I had toast with scrambled eggs and truffle! I had roasted duck and pork at Hay Hay Restaurant and I just have to tell you. I don’t normally like duck and I would eat this weekly. It was so flavorful which masked the gamey meat. The desserts, I cannot even begin to tell you about Lady M and ALL of the egg tarts. 

Chrisly’s Cafe

People ask if Hong Kong is cheap but when you calculate it all out, not too much cheaper then the states. When you go to Hong Kong and see all of the sky scrappers, and businesses, you can see and they’re just as or even more progressive than most cities. There is a huge financial district also and any city that has one of those is automatically like, twice as expensive and others. 


Not only did they have awesome food but they had great shopping. They have those traditional street markets such as the Lady Market but they also had higher end shopping like Causeway Bay. I’m personally a fan of the street vendors because that is where you see the real asian prices. I got a neck pillow for $2.00 and sunglasses for $4.00. Can’t beat those prices.

Ladies Market

There are so much tourism and sightseeing that you have to do. Victoria Peak is the famous viewpoint that everyone takes a picture of. It’s legit breathtaking as well as lovers rock. The Tian Tan buddha and Po Lin Monastery is definitely worth a trip. I love see the history of a county just by their parks and landmarks. 

I would recommend planning a trip to Hong Kong. I flew Hong Kong direct from San Francisco and they definitely took care of me. There are a ton of hotels or Air BnBs you could choose from.  My favorite was the Burlington hotel on Hong Kong Island. It was BEAUTIFUL, modern and cozy. I would stay there every time including the next time I go. Remember Babes, eat AND travel rich or die tryin.  

Burlington Hotel