McDelivery Day

The time of the year has come for that special day. No, I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about McDelivery Day! On July 19th 2018, McDonalds has paired up with UberEats to deliver their signature foods to 20 markets around the globe. Yes, you heard me- GLOBE so all you beautiful Australian Babes, European Babes, UAE Babes, treat yo self. I mean, I grab Mickey D’s any day of the week but if I can be lazy and get it delivered to me? SIGN ME UP!


McDonalds is not only delivering food to over 12,000 locations around the world, they are releasing goodies to go along with this special day. What is the theme you ask? 90’s baby! I am actually a 90s baby so I love this ‘throwback Thursday” party. July 19th is a Thursday if you have not caught on. The Throwback collection includes socks, t-shirts, jean jacket and bandanas. They also have fanny packs and pop sockets for you phone. Isn’t it so crazy that all that stuff is in again but yet, a throwback (not the pop sockets, obviously).



It’s super easy to get your Mcdonald’s delivered. Download the UberEats app, order a 5 dollar minimum and add a swag item into your bag! I mean, do you really want to cook after a long week or do you want to order some delicious fries and have socks to match? I literally cannot wait to see what you all order! The collection items are a first come, first serve basis and it starts at 11a (July 19th 2018)! Check out the gear at and find out more! Remember Babes, Eat Rich Or Die Tryin.