Hey Babes, how are your beautiful faces doing? Everyone keeps asking how the new fresh beef patties are at Micky Ds so I am writing to finally tell y’all! I was given the opportunity to visit a local McDonalds and oh, em, gee. When the hell did they get so nice?!?! Club McDonalds, I see you. I thought I was going to be given the opportunity to try a burger and that was it, right? Wrong. I swear, I learned the most about McDonalds that I ever had in my life!

Before I get to the fresh meat patties, do you all know what McDonalds is like now? Not only is it renovated and updated but they have kiosks now! I don’t know how many times I have had to wait in line but if that’s no longer for you, WELCOME to the future. You can order everything on this kiosk that would would at the counter. You can order a burger, take off the buns, add sauce, add cheese, take away cheese, whatever you need. You can pay with card or print a receipt and pay at the counter.

There was concern that this would replace positions but they actually hire people to help with the kiosk so it atually ADDs positions. No need to feel guilty using this technology. It is ridiculously convenient and you’re able choose how you want to order. If the counter is for you, do it, if a kiosk is for you, do it, if the drive through is for you (and it almost always is for me), do it! Once you place your order at the kiosk, you take a number that is BLUETOOTH and lets the Micky Ds team know what region of the restaurant you’re in. Unbelievably fancy, no?

Now that there is fresh patties in the kitchen, extra safety precautions need to be taken and they do it well. Anything that will be touching raw meat is handled with a blue item. Why blue you ask? What at McDonald’s is blue? Nothing comes to mind? Exactly, it stands out! Blue gloves, blue bins, all handled so there is no contamination to other food/ kitchen materials. A huge concern I had was that the fresh patties were going to take longer to cook (they are made to order and not precooked). It actually takes the same amount of time if not quicker. I witnessed this with my own eyes! Their kitchens are pretty incredible, the measures they take for cleanliness makes me so happy… you know how much I HATE hair in my food so the more precautions, the better. BARF.

On to the fresh beef patties! The fresh patties are on the quarter pounder, and the signature burgers. Of course, I ordered a quarter pounder, I mean, go with traditional if you want to know it’s good. One bite and I was sold! It didn’t taste that much different, it’s a simple salt & pepper seasoning. The texture however was different. You could tell it was fresh ground beef. Pieces actually fell off of the patty and what I love is that it cost the SAME! You think fresh would cost more, but nope! The same great taste, a better texture and knowing it’s fresh, made to order? Why not get one for yourself starting this May to all 14k+ locations. Remember Babes, Eat Rich Or Die Tryin.