Zero Degrees is a franchise from California specializing in different bubble teas/ drinks. I call bubble tea, boba, if your hear me reference that, you know what I mean. Those weird little, chewy, tapioca bubbles. Before Zero degrees opened, Lee’s Sandwiches was selling their bubble teas alongside their products so it’s not like I haven’t had it before but having a new shop that sells solely drinks, I’m game. I seriously drink allll my calories. I love all kinds of drinks and boba serves as a good snack. Milk tea is always my go to but Zero puts a spin on teas.

Lee’s Sandwiches off on 185th fully converted to the Zero Degrees franchise and the grand open happened just this past Saturday. The line during the soft open was up to 2.5 hours so that gives you indication of how hyped this place is. The area is fairly small. Just a few seats but it’s not meant to be a restaurant so it’s suitable. It’s new so it’s very modern with the wood tables and white, tile backsplash. The menu is on flat screens and there’s little to no decorum. If you’re looking for a quiet, sit down cafe, this is not the place. Usually, bubble tea spots are “hang out” spots where you chit chat over a nice up of… boba.

Have you ever heard of or had horchata? Horchata is a spanish drink that is somewhat “milky” depending on where you have it but has a vanilla/cinnamon taste. I can NEVER find horchata here in PDX so the fact that they have it, LOVE. On top of that, you can fix flavors so a “Machata” is a matcha, horchata mix. I got their most popular mangonada, their spicy watermelon, machata (the one I was most excited for), coffee horchata, thai tea and jasmine milk tea.

Overall – 3.25

It’s not worth the 2.5 hour wait. I love anything horchata. I did enjoy the thai tea, machata and coffee horchata but was not a huge fan of the jasmine milk tea. It’s was very strong and I felt as if I was drinking popuree. The mangonada was weird at first. It was a salty, mango smoothie. After melting, I stirred the drink up a bit and it tasted better. I could N O T do the spicy watermelon. It just didn’t taste right. I have no idea how to explain it…Imagine dropping your watermelon on a dirty floor, add chilli powder to it and there you do. Salty, spicy watermelon. Now I know…when in doubt, just stick to the classics…matcha and coffee. These drinks may be beautiful for pics but it’s like the popular girl in high school. Pretty on the outside, evil on the inside. Try this place out for yourself. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.