Service –  4

I went to the whole bowl that was inside Portland Food Hall. The guy making my bowl was a mix between Fabio and a Hipster. I was super scared he was going to drop a beard hair into my bowl which is my biggest fear.. P U K E. However, he was super nice. I didn’t have any questions because honestly, they sell just one thing. Since it was in the Portland Food Hall, you go to the counter, order and that’s about all the interaction you have with people… WOOP WOOP. He was nice, quick and asked me if I wanted anything additional, down side… all that hair. I swear, when I find a hair in my food, it’s like automatic gag. Same when I see someone cry. Gross. All that snot. Yuck.

Ambiance –   3.5

Portland Food Hall is cute. It’s pretty small but I get the vibe that almost everything is “to-go” including this place. This stand gives me that Earth, hippie vibe. It’s wood everything, with a few small plants and Buddha statues. Namaste bitch. There’s a few wooden tables and benches around. There are also some wooden table tops for stand eating. Every stand in here is pretty small except for the Ramen and Boke Dokie but that’s because they need stoves and what not. Whole bowl is definitely a small Portland Company that screams SAVE THE EARTH.

Wait –  3.25

There was one person in front of me and with one person working, I had to wait to order. Once I approached the counter, the server asked if I could please wait because he had to wrap up…so you guessed it. More waiting. Once I ordered, my food took about 8-10 minutes which seems kind of long for pre-made ingredients going into a bowl but I won’t complain… Don’t want spit, let alone hair in my food.

Food – 3.75

I’m a huge bowl type person. I love Cafe Yumm, love Asian bowls, Mexican bowls so you can’t go wrong. Whole bowl reminded me of Cafe Yumm. Brown rice, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, olives, beans and that yeast based sauce. It’s just cheaper than Cafe Yumm. The main ingredients to Cafe Yumm is the exact same though. The difference between the two is that Whole Bowl’s sauce taste lighter and less tangy as Cafe Yumm. If you have never had either, the sauce is tangy, a little creamy. I honestly can’t compare it to anything because it doesn’t take like anything else. Possibly like a liquid hummus? Not bad, you can’t go wrong with those ingredients but I prefer Cafe Yumm’s sauce more. Filling and but not heavy, which I like.   

Overall –  3.25

I love the whole concepts of bowls…you think that’s where they got the name? What’s not to love when it comes to  putting all delicious ingredient into one bowl? The Bibimbap, burrito bowls and so on! This is a fresh take on a bowl with light, tasty ingredients. The sauce is light and creamy, the vibe is hippie, earthy, super Portland. If you’re a Portlandian, this is your place! It’s not a bad thing that the guy looks like a hipster Fabio.  Try this place for yourself. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.