A lot of you may know Wasabi Sushi PDX. They now have 4 locations and I had the chance to see their first brick and mortar off of SE 9th and Madison. They were the first, or at least I THINK, the first to come out with the sushirittos and the first to come out with the sushi bagel in PDX. What is next? A sushi burger, OF COURSE! With that being said, I am about to rate this new brick and mortar location below with the food being the new sushi burger.

Service & Wait

I can’t rate the service because I was invited to come see the area prior to opening. Food and drinks were already set out and made to order. I can’t rate the wait either just because food was out and I wasn’t needing to be seated. Sorry babes! I have however been to the other locations (all of which were food cart style) and everyone was super sweet. Wait wasn’t too bad either,maybe 5-7 minutes for my order.

Ambiance 3.75

Their brick and mortar location is very cute. It definitely is a step up from a food cart/ a stand at CartLab. This definitely isn’t made to be a fine dining restaurant so don’t get confused. It was fairly small but again, it’s not made to be a long dining experience. I definitely would change the rating once I get to see this place with nicer weather. The reason I say that is because they have one of those glass, garage doors that can be open. They also have a good size lot that is able to fit tables/ chairs for outside seating but I can’t rate from what I did not experience. If you could turn their food cart to a sit in food cart, they definitely did it so I give them props for that…definitely not trying to be something they’re not. Hate those wannabes that try to be fancy, shmancy and I’m just thinking… just because your restaurant looks nice doesn’t mean you can charge me 18 dollars for a california roll. That shit is basic AF….Anyways…back to what I was saying. They don’t have a ton of decorum so aesthetically, not pleasing but they are definitely trying to keep it simple. Location is not bad, the East side definitely has roomier buildings but parking still might be a pain just because there are other businesses around…but I mean… Portland is getting so crowded now, so are you really surprised that parking is a bitch? Yeah, me either.

Food – 3.75

That Sushi Burgerrrrrrrr. It’s so hard for me to rate this because I’ve never had a sushi burger before!! This burger was made with a forbidden & white rice mixture. You can get a mixture of fillings such as soft shell crab, Tuna and so on. Honestly, I thought it was good but I will forever be a sushiritto girl. Even the sushi donut was good but I just always revert back to a sushiritto. I am not a H U G E rice eater with sushi. I know you’re thinking, “Jenny…sushi is rice you idiot”. When I eat rolls, I literally use my copstick and take half the rice off my rolls. I eat sushi because I like the fillings. The sushi burger has 2 rice buns which is obviously opposite of what I look for in sushi. Do not get me wrong, it is good, it’s unique and modern and you can eat it with your hands!! I will just forever get their sushiritto because it’s a lot of filling compared to rice. I actually like the forbidden rice mixture better than white rice. I’ve had some really fresh and high end sushi in different cities so I can’t give this a 5 heart rating BUT, the sushi burger, donut and ritto are definitely good sushi in modern form. For sure, a bang for your buck. Not joking, even at conveyor belt sushi…I spend like.. $15+ on myself. These vary from like 6-12 dollars and they make you so full.  

Overall – 3.75


Do not let those ratings make you feel some type of way. I am a TOUGH rater and I want to be real with you. The new location is literally their food cart turned sit down. It’s simple which makes them, them. It’s funny because they’re simple but yet do crazy shit with their food. They make eating sushi fun and I go back often. I can’t wait to go their new location in the summer when the sun is out and that garage door is open. If the new brick and mortar location isn’t near you, definitely stop in at one of their other location to try the sushi burger for yourself! Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.