The Bite of Oregon was all sorts of new this year. I has been previous years but honestly, I was not a huge fan. This event was always held after Brewfest and if you’ve been to the water front, you know it is T O R E up! I’m cheap as hell (I’m Asian), bargaining just runs through my veins. I had no idea why I had to pay 5 dollars to get in and then pay more for food. It was such a good concept but I was just not a fan. When I heard they did a revamping this year, I was truly intrigued.

I was shocked to hear that they changed pretty much EVERYTHING about this event. The location changed to the Rose Quarter, the date was moved to Labor day weekend, the Vendors were new, and so much more. I was invited for a Media event night to learn about all the new changes. I decided why not go check it out and I am so glad I did. I was surprised to learn that all the proceeds of the entry fee benefit Special Olympics Oregon. I had no idea that they were even connected. At that moment, I felt like a complete idiot for whining about 5 dollars. My favorite part of the re-vamp was to learn the layout such as “Restaurant Row”, ” Food Cart Alley” but the best is knowing that the restrooms are INDOOR.

I was able I go to the Bite and honestly, it was SO much better than other years I’ve gone. It was still hot as hell but it’s a Summer event, I can’t complain but just as an FYI. There were a lot of food vendors that I had not heard of before such as Black Star Grill, Pidgin Hole and Smoke & Brine. I pretty haven’t heard of any of these places. What I like about the bite is that this event brings all of these vendors together. I don’t need to go out to all of these locations to try. After the event, I know which places I would go back to and which I would not. I loved that there were different sections and they were well displayed. Previously, the food carts would all just be lined up so I didn’t know where to start. It was a nice touch to have breweries, wineries and distilleries for those who just want to drink and relax.

Pidgin Hole

Chicagoland PDX

Aside from drinks and food, they had competitions, bands and non-food vendors present. There is a little bit for everyone and I would love to see this event continue to grow. I definitely think they’re going in the right direction. With the new location, the new vendors, having Special Olympics Oregon be the main focus, indoor bathrooms and plenty of parking available, it will for sure bring in the crowd. The food and drink vendors will help keep the crowds.

Mixology competition

Bruce playing those pots!

Bundaberg – Best Ginger Beer!

I can’t complain about any of the food I had. I am being so serious here. The first thing I did was scope out what everyone else was eating. I saw many people going towards the Empanadas so I decided to order one as well. I got myself a breakfast which was filled wit ham, egg, and cheese. OH MAN. It was perfect for my first meal. At this point, I was ready for anything and everything. The BBQ/ smoked companies will always have the longest line, good or not. Smoke & Brine did not disappoint. I tried their pork with a teriyaki type sauce, pickled onions with a chimichurri/avocado sauce. ALL YES! Pidgin Hole had a huge line so of course I had to be a follower. The Cauliflower was cooked with Hawaiian/Korean glaze, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The pork was flavorful and perfectly salted. No wonder why they won best food vendor award at the Bite.

I had no much more, SO MUCH but I hope my pictures so some of the vendors justice! If you asked me if I would go back 3 years ago, no. Would I now if they continue to be like this? Hell yes. All entry proceeds go to the Special Olympics Oregon, vendors come from all over Oregon to give you a chance to try, and it’s a great way to spend the day with friends, family or even a date. Try the event our for yourself next year and come find me! Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.