I was invited by my foodie friend Juddiann to join a food tour and my first thought was, G E N I U S! I’ve heard of people doing food crawls and what not and I love the idea. My foodie friends will pick a theme, let’s say it’s pizza, and they’re travel to different pizza joints in one day. The reason why I love this idea of crawls and tours is because you get to try new places (most of the time) with a group of people so you get to sample all the goodies!

I really didn’t not know Portland had a food tour or that something like this even existed. The Big Foody is ran by Laura and this tour was specifically a walking, “eats-side” mini tour. It was solely instagrammers and bloggers so we didn’t get to stop at all the places but we did stop at some really tasty areas

Jacobsen Salt Co:


Our first spot/ meeting area was Jacobsen salt. You guys might have heard of them. So many companies now use Jacobsen in baked goods, chocolates, beer brewing…literally everything. Jacobsen salt is awesome! Who doesn’t love salt? Bland people, that’s who! If you think it’s weird to start at a salt company, you’re not a foodie. Jacobsen salt is not just containers of kosher or sea salt. They have flavored salts, taffy, and they pair with MANY companies. They are the only local salt company! Whaaaattt? Not to mention, it’s good. The black truffle salt was where it was AT. Imagine that on fries? YES PLEASE. They gave me a salt crystal the size of my thumb. It was for sure a good starting point to the tour.

Inside Jasobsen was Bee Local. Who doesn’t love Honey, honey? I actually don’t! Got you there didn’t I? I am not a huge fan of Honey but some restaurants around the area make dishes/desserts with this Bee Local honey in it and I L U H that! I guess I take it back, I like honey, just not plain. I didn’t realize there were so many different kinds, all from different areas, with slightly different taste and textures. After licking my salt crystal, I needed something sweet. Have you ever tried Honey water coffee? It’ll change your life.

Alma Chocolate:

Next stop, Chocolate Townnn! Walking inside Alma, you smell the cocoa when you walk in and the smell is INSANE. Imagine walking into Wonka’s chocolate factory and I imagine it smells the same. Alma is not your average chocolate shop, they have premium chocolate, some with 24 karat magic in the aiiiiiirrrr. Actually though, they have chocolates covered in 24 karat gold leafs! That’s some fancy shit right there. We got to try all the different types of chocolates they use, from the chocolate fat, to white, to milk, to 38% cocoa, to straight cocoa which was BITTER but kind of addicting.

They make different types of chocolate candies. Some had pistachios, some had Jacobsen salt on it, some toffee and some with gold. No biggie. My favorite was for sure the white chocolate based, matcha mint drink. YES IT EXIST! It tasted like a delicious green tea grasshopper (the drink NOT the insect). I also loved that we got to see them making the chocolates and inserting them into molds. Que a scene of I love Lucy with Ethel when they’re in the factory assembly line. It totally was not like that but still cool to see. I’m a chocolate fanatic so right up my ally!

Commons Brewery:

Salt, honey and chocolate. What’s next? Beer of course! This would not be a Portland tour without our most prized possession. The hospitality at Common’s was unreal. Josh, co-owner was super down to earth and let us know that he solely moved to Portland for beer. With a financial background, you MUST love beer to give up all that moolah for hops. There was a nice table set up for us with cheese and a flight of farmouse ale. There were different cheese with the different beers. Surprisingly, the sour beers were my favorite. With the creamy cheese, it was a perfect match. How can you be disappointed with good beer, good cheese and cool people? It’s LITERALLY my moto.

Olympia Provision:

Now that our bellies are a little full and our blood alcohol is just a little higher, onto FOOD! What better than Olympia Provision where they make their own meat! In the back was the cutest table set up with a red wine, perfect charcuterie boards and tastings. There were so many different types of meat including sausages, pate’s, oh my! If you’re not a huge meat fan, they pickle their own veggies which was DELISH. The get their seasoning just right on everything. I also got to try their salad (loaded with cheese, YAS), oysters and some sort of bruschetta topped with goat cheese, cherries and balsamic. They may be famous for their meat, but man oh man, can they make some delicious veggie options. The bruschetta was unreal! The creaminess from the goat cheese with the tang from the balsamic cherries. WINNER!

All these places were in walking distance from each other and no more than a few blocks. Portland is seriously amazing. I have lived here my ENTIRE life and to me, Portland is Portland. To hear all this history, and really see how businesses in Portland are really community partners versus competitors is truly amazing. I LOVED this tour, I loved the tastings and I led the company I was with. People always ask foodies what/where to go and I would suggest this. Guarantee, you’ll go somewhere new and learn something new. Try it out for yourself. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.