DINNER (Happy Hour)

Service 4

You know how my previous posts say most places with hipster servers are not nice? These servers are hipster but they actually are nice! Mind blown. I got a chance to make it to Stacked for their new happy hour menu and specifically, it’s game- day inspired. The servers are all fairly young but not 16 young. They know how to make a drink and know what is in a drink at that’s all a girl needs for happy hour right? Wrong. N E V E R forget the food! The servers were attentive when it came to refilling drinks and asking if we wanted anything else. They were aware when the table had to be cleaned and when we needed more napkins.

This is a sit down restaurant but you order at the counter. You find your own seat so there’s not too much service they’ll give you. Honestly, when I’m looking for something low key, I go to places like this where you order at the counter, and find your own seat. It’s quicker, you don’t have to deal with waiting on a server and at the same time, there are people walking around making sure you’re okay. Nothing wrong with the service, of course nothing above and beyond because it’s not that type of restaurant. It’s not a steakhouse you know? Everyone was sweet and inviting and I’m now bias because the server and I started talking about another restaurant that I LOVE so we bonded over food haha.

Ambiance  3.75

The happy hour menu is inspired by game- day treats and are available during Timbers, Blazers and Duck games. That just tells you what kind of vibe this place is, laid back and low key. They have a TV, wooden seat and table sets surrounded by windows and metal. It’s on the East side right off of the Hawthorne bridge. The building itself is new so it’s of course full on concrete, metal and wood with garage style windows. They have a patio for outside seating so they win some brownie points for that. Not to mention, there’s PARKING and it’ free for 2 hours!

The building is super new so it’s open, spacious and simple. There’s little decorum but honestly, people are going to come here to drink, watch the game and grab a bite. People aren’t going to come here for a romantic evening, candle lit dinner. I mean you can but I am coming here for a nice drink, quicker bite and/or happy hour with some friends. I give them props though because most places you order at the counter just offer beers, maybe some canned wines but this place actually does alcoholic drinks so a modern twist on a sandwich shop + bar.

Wait – 4

I slightly feel like I should not include this rating in here because I came to the happy hour late so food and drinks were already going. When I was asked what I wanted to drink, it came out in about 5 minutes which was great because I was ready! I honestly, didn’t ask for anything except water. The napkins kept flowing, the drinks kept coming and the food kept rolling. I was really low maintenance today which is a first. They caught me on a good day.

Food – 3.75 except the fries were a 4.25 😉 so 4

I literally had almost everything on the happy hour menu. Not going to lie, the past week and a half, I’ve been on a vegan diet, I guess you could say. This is not because of I want to save animals, although that is a plus, but because I do eat out, and I eat REALLY unhealthy when I do. I just try to eat healthy the times I’m not eating out and it makes me appreciate natural, local fruits and vegetables. I also am allergic to everything and my body was legit breaking down so I’m kind of doing this diet to reset. I was super exhausted, my weights was fluctuating like crazy and I was breaking out like a damn teenage girl.

When I do get a chance to eat out, it’s amazing and I heard a few things about stacked so I was excited. We ordered the Bison+Wagyu burgers (YES, you heard that right), the stacked fries (not on the happy hour menu), the deviled eggs, the garlic bread sticks, Korean style chicken wings and buffalo in addition to the apple, jalapeno fritters. Uh yeah, us foodies don’t play around. Might I mention, we ordered at least 2 of everything? HAHA. Not eating cheese a meat makes a bitch HUNGRY.

Let me just talk about the fries, I LOVE fries. They’re my favorite food if you didn’t know and these were loaded, or I guess stacked…Oh, I get it. The fries themselves tasted Cajun so must be that paprika, they had creme fraiche, aioli bacon, cheese, scallions, just so much goodness. The aioli was creamy, the scallions were fresh, the creme fraiche gave it a refreshing kick all on top of flavorful fries. We ordered 2 huge plates haha. The wings were good, the buffalo had a nice kick the Korean had a good glaze and were a tiny bit sweet. I personally am more of a honey barbecue type, something that gives the wings a crust but not bad.

The burger was a little more of a rare side as far as cooks goes and honestly, it kept the burger juicy, I just get worries about red in my meat, ya know? The peach gave it a sweet with the salty bacon. The bread sticks were bomb! They were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The garlic and cheese mix never goes wrong with a flavorful marinara.  You all know I can’t be eating deviled eggs like that but I was told it was silky, mustard, bacon goodness! The fritters were a little spicy with a little tang from the apples. I personally didn’t think they were spicy but I ate spicy Asian food like damn near everyday thanks to my mom. The cook was great with a crust on the outside but soft on the inside.

Overall – 3.75 – TBD with an actual sandwich

For a sammich shop, the closest I got to one was a burger haha! I fail. I love that this place is low key, I love that they sell booze, I DO need to come back and try a sammich. I am addicted to those fries and WISH I could have eaten the deviled eggs. The drink which I forgot to mention was gin and blueberry and the blueberry is so good in drinks. It’s just a tangy, refreshing flavor. The burger was good but I just keep going back to those fries HAHA. I will be back and I will get a danm sandwich. I will keep you all posted! Try this place out for yourselves and remember babes. Eat Rich or Die Tryin