This the first event I attended at Feast and it was definitely a great Main Event. Restaurants/Chefs from all over get to create a sandwich HOWEVER they want. There were twenty plus competitors including some local favorites (i.e. Ringside, Pastrami Zombie, Louretta Jean). The vibe from the fest was high energy and intense which I love! A little competition never hurt anyone, right? I definitely can show you babes better than I can tell you so a lot of pictures to come.

Let me give you a background of how this competition works. Each booth is placed on a side, “East” or “West”. The competitors go against the booths of their own side. The winners of each side then compete against each other. The winner is chosen by a panel of judges based off of their own preferences. There is also a popular vote and they are chosen by us! Everyone is given a coin and you get to place that coin in the bucket of your favorite sandwich booth. Other than that, it’s pretty simple. Give us your best take on a sammich and the people will speak.

Every booth puts out one sandwich which is suppose to be small/bite sized. Let me tell you babe, these are NOT small bites. I mean, bread, meat, sauces, it’s definitely filling. Add some wine or beer in there and your stomach is DONE. What I saw others doing was, going around and grabbing one of each sammich. Once they grabbed as many as they could, they either sat down or went else where to try each. I sound like a stalker watching people like this.

What I personally did was take a bite or two of each sandwich and move on to the next booth. I sound like I’m writing about my dating life haha. On to the next one! I know I am going to get some backlash for throwing away perfectly good food. I can’t even justify it, I just wanted to try everything! After nibbling on every sammich, I went back to my favorites and yes, ate the entire sandwich. This helped me avoid getting full and also avoid lines because I was quick about it.

My advice for you babes is, COME EARLY, line first in line early. The lines get pretty ridiculous so coming early will help you avoid some of the waiting. Coming early also lets you get your monies worth. At this event, you definitely need to pace yourself. Do what I did and take bites of each or just go at a slow pace. You have a few hours to try it all so savor it. If you end up stuffing yourself in the beginning, at least you have time to digest the food and go back for more.

The winner of the event was Lardo and the popular vote went to Pastrami Zombie. I have to say, Lardo’s sandwich was indeed my favorite. It had fried chicken, real American *’MURICA*, and it was more on the simple side with slaw on top. Honestly, sometimes simple is better. There were some unique sandwiches like Blue Smoke’s donut, bologna combination. The bologna was their own and was actually quit delicious. It tasted like my childhood but with a donut, it was over the top!

Pastrami Zombie ( Popular Vote)

Lardo (winner of the Sandwich Invitational)

There honestly were no restrictions about what type of sammich you can make. There was a seafood sandwich which was actually a pocket. The filling was stuffed inside the bread which made it easy to eat. There was a grille cheese burger which was a burger with grilled cheese buns. It was loaded with meat, cheese and butter, I think I died eating it from my arteries clogging but SO WORTH IT. There was even a duck sammich and of course it was Ringside’s. They so fancyyy *in my asian voice*.

I stayed the ENTIRE time. I’m surprised I’m not tapping out on sandwiches but it was such a fun event. I definitely can’t wait to attend next year and see what others come up with. There’s seriously no right or wrong way to do the Sando Smackdown, just have fun and take your time. There are plenty of drinks to occupy your time. It’s a great group activity if you want to share. I don’t but I mean you social people may think otherwise. Keep posted for more from Feast. Remember babes, Eat Rich Or Die Tryin’.