Service 3.25

Every time I’ve been here, I feel 10 years older than I should. The servers all look like they’re 16 which they probably are. Hey, I would love my first job to be at an ice cream place, are you kidding me? I’d eat all that shit up and blame it on the employee discount. Since these waitrons are 16, your service will either be REALLY energetic or just “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing”. The only time I come here is A) when it’s next door or B) when I want an ice cream sammy.

When I ordered, I ask what their favorite flavor or combo was for a sammich and I literally have gotten back the answer, “I don’t know” with a giggle. That’s how you know they’re young, they’re not use to lying all day everyday like when you’re a REAL adult. When you’re an adult, you learn to lie to either end the convo or make a tip, okay? I pretty much always know what I want when I get to the counter, but sometimes other people’s suggestions give me someone to blame if I don’t like it. I can’t blame myself if I don’t like my choice. I have to listen to my inside voice like “Yuck, what were you thinking?” or “You literally just wasted money on this?”

Since I get no suggestions, I order and they start to assemble the sandwich in front of me. I like this because then I can see if they’re slow or not. The wait for my ice cream is never long which is a bonus for this place. You know when you’re watching someone scoop, you see a piece you really want them to get or you see the scoop and want it to be bigger? I’m totally judging when I watch my server but I would NEVER want to be them. That pressure would make me so uncomfortable. I give them props for handling this well.

Ambiance  3.75

All Ruby Jewels are so cute to me! It’s very feminine as in, it’s very pink and bubbly. It’s definitely not as “modern” as other places. It still has the wood decorum but it is a little more “homey” to me if that makes sense. Some locations have pictures of pets/children, they all have a bright, vibrant color to it like mint or pink and it’s a little more inviting with the lights. The sign kind of describes its atmosphere – bold and bright.

The locations of Ruby Jewel are of course in all the right/BUSY areas. Downtown, Mississippi and SE Hawthorne are all the busiest areas which is convenient because they’re located near a lot of other eateries. Parking downtown is a pain but if you’re already parked to eat elsewhere for dinner, why not stop in at a RJ. To be honest, they all suck for parking but that’s because they’re located in prime, high traffic areas, so plan for a walk to pray you get luck…finding a parking spot that is.

Wait –  4

I’ve never had to wait in a long line here. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. It’s definitely no Salt & Straw line, that’s for sure. Its ice cream so each person will probably take about 5 minutes, sometimes quicker, sometimes longer. There are usually a few workers so the lines go by pretty quick. The longest I waited in line was maybe 15 minutes. Once I place my order, my sammich is in my hand in also about 5 minutes so if you’re going to an ice cream place that takes longer, ask yourself, WHY. It’s ice cream people. It’s PRE- made. They legit just scoop it into or onto something that should also be PRE-made.

Food – 3.5

The ice cream sandwiches are hit or miss for me. I’ve had some really good ones, and some that I was not a fan of. To be honest, I like the pre- made ones in their freezer. I don’t know it is about it but the cookies seem softer. I know that when the ice cream melts, it will make the cookie softer but I like them soft to begin with. The flavors are more of your traditional flavors like cookies n cream, double chocolate, Oregon strawberry and so on. Portland has become so known for random ass Ice Cream flavor that Honey lavender is traditional to me. They don’t really have crazy flavors like Kimchi whatever or Goat cheese blah, blah. Personally, I like the weird or multiple combination flavors. They do have seasonal flavors which obviously change so if you love one, get it while it last and if you don’t, well it won’t be here for long. Every time I though, my flavor is sold out. Not joking, I wanted cookies n cream and they were out. The time before that, I wanted Strawberry, and they were sold out. Heartbreaking, I know.

As for the ice cream sammich, they’re good but not amazing. A lot of places don’t sell ice cream sammiches or give you the option to make one. I feel like the ice cream flavor on these sammiches have to be more plain because you can’t be having some crazy like fish sauce ice cream with a chocolate chip cookie, GROSS. The flavors that they sell here are nice for the combos, the cookies are decent but for some reason, they just don’t wow me. I solely only come here for the sammiches, but if it was one or the other…Let put it this way, I have my favorites for cookie places, and ice cream shops. They’re definitely great in size, I just wish my cookies were softer and that I had more cookie options. I seem to only see the sprinkle cookie (which I wish tasted more like a snickerdoodle) and the chocolate one. I’m not sure if they’re sold out or what but I never seem to get a ton of options for cookies.

Overall – 3.5

I really do love the atmosphere of Ruby Jewel. I’ve seen a lot of kids here so like I said, the place is more homey / inviting. The locations are amaze balls, and it’s SOOOO convenient to come here. The fact that you can make a sammy out of any flavor and any cookie they have is GREAT. I love that they also have already made ones if you don’t want to deal with your indecisiveness. Their sammiches are good, simple and they’re pretty thick. Everything to me is hit or miss. This place has been on the spot a few times and a few times not but that is normal. Try this place out for yourself. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.