I was at an awesome event tonight, guys. I got the chance to finally try Lechon and let me tell you, YYYAAASSS honey! This was a closed, private event so I can’t rate on wait, or service. This was a Smithfield Chef Table event which provided DURoC pork so EVERYTHING served was pork. This sounds like meat overload, right? Luckily, there were sides, drinks and dessert to go with it.

Ambiance – 4

If I didn’t Google Map’s this place, I for sure would have missed it. The location being downtown is always prime but you know parking is a B I T C H. With Pine Street and the bars being around the corner, space is limited. Luckily, Lechon has valet so that’s always a bonus. Being right off Naito, the view outside is gorgeous but if you don’t really go towards that direction, you’ll miss it.

Lechon is inside one of Portland’s typical older buildings so I was not expecting it to be fancy or modern. Walking inside, it was cuter than what I had pictured. Cement floors, exposed brick walls, it was modern with a history. They some how renovated this building to have that wood, metal, cement feel but with the brick and the low lights, it does have that older building touch. Can I tell you that they have a fish tank and a JELLY fish tank built into the wall!!! I was shocked and actually in love with it. It’s just not something you see often in Portland so I was impressed. There’s an open kitchen but over all, the place a little smaller and more intimate with the dim lighting.

Food –4.25

The DURoC pork was insanely delicious. There were so many tastings including two different types of ribs, a slider, pork belly (I can see your mouths drooling), and a saltado. The main courses were served at carving stations where you can see the actual roasted pork being cut and let me tell you, juicy and thick and all I can say. All the foods had a South American twist so everything was so flavorful.


At the Peruvian pork rack station, they served a mushroom, pumpkin, risotto type side dish and it was DELICIOUS. The meat was soft and fatty ( in the best way possible), I just wish everything was not so filling because I wanted to eat it ALL. The Saltado was served with a coconut rice, and it was a nice compliment to the flavorful pork. The pork belly was a little sweet and melted in your mouth with a creamy puree. I am having DURoC withdrawals already.

The drink, I was not a fan of but then again, I’ve never been a fan of old fashions. I did like the pork theme throughout the night, starting from the bacon infused drinks to bacon on top of the chocolate torta. Unfortunately, I am not a HUGE meat person, let alone red meat. It was A L O T but I guess that’s my fault because I didn’t have to eat as much meat as I did but how could I say no? I was a fan of almost everything. I love that the pork was roasted and seasoned with dry rubs or minimal sauces. Meat that is good shouldn’t need anything more than salt and pepper.

Is it weird that I loved the sides almost more than the meats? I know that the DURoC was the star of the show, and trust me, it was, but the sides were just as good. Maybe it was so good because it paired well with the meat? Maybe Lechon is just that good that whatever they cook is just filling and delicious? I would agree with my second question because they served a bacon, chocolate torta and I think I had like.. 3 plates of this. It was light, creamy and not too rich. Although it did have a couple pieces of bacon on it, it was tasty alone.

Overall – 4.25

I cannot wait to go back to Lechon. I actually didn’t know the Yelp ratings prior to going here and after looking on Yelp, I totally agree. I love South American flavored foods, they use a lot of polentas and can make all their dishes creamy and rich without it being so heavy. The DURoC was juicy and melted in your mouth. I had no idea pork was like this. I still am not a huge meat fan, it just is heavy but I will eat a DURoC meal anytime. I was shocked by the decor and it was all good vibes. The staff was beyond nice and accommodating. They were on top of clearing dishes and making sure you weren’t empty handed for long. I was not a huge fan of HOW MUCH meat there was but I am definitely the abnormal. Other guest were like “MORE MORE MORE”. Don’t get me wrong, everything was very flavorful and tasty. I really want to go back and try their other dishes to see if my ratings still stand. Try this place out for youself. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.