Service – 4.25

Ringside is a staple for Portland. If you want good service you come to Ringside! My server was very attentive and when I asked him what was good on the menu, he asked me my preferences- how much I was going to eat, what was I in the mood for?  He didn’t just suggest the most expensive thing on the menu like most do, he literally asked me what I wanted and tried to suggest items out that he thought would be best for me. I chose from what he suggested and that to me is a good server. You know when you go to those places and ask what’s good and they say “our most popular is blah blah”, when it’s already starred like I didn’t already fucking know. It’s stared for a damn reason. I want honesty because what’s popular for others, is not for me.

The reason I didn’t give this place a five star for service was because I asked the waiter for a little bit more time when deciding. I asked for an extra minute just so I can check with the rest of the table if everyone was ready. He didn’t come back for probably about 10 to 15 minutes and for some reason that bugs me. You guys know, from my previous blog, that I’m just the most impatient person on the entire earth and so when I say I want a minute I think you should come back in a minute, max, five minutes so that’s only downside.

Ambiance –  3.5

Although Ringside has great food, great wine and great service, honestly, the restaurant itself and where it’s located, I’m just not a huge fan of. When you walk in, it’s super dim, it’s right off of Burnside which is cool but it’s just so busy around that area so tip, just valet your car or uber . It’ll save you a good 15 minutes or more trying to find parking. You can be a classy restaurant and not always have the inside looking like it’s 8pm outside!. Hello, food bloggers need good lighting for pics and I can’t always be that asshole with the flash on!

Wait –   3.25.

Unless you have a reservation, the wait for ringside is obviously going to be super long. Actually, even with the reservation! They want everyone to be there from your party which is understandable. Waiting here, definitely not the best, but I mean, eventually it’s worth it.

Food –  4.25

The food here is so delicious! I’ve come here multiple times- Happy hour, Portland dining month, as well as just for dinner and I’ve never been unsatisfied. Of course, they’re known for their steak, hello, if you didn’t see, it’s a steakhouse but they have other great options as well. It’s funny because you think since this is T H E steak restaurant, they’re going to neglect everything else but honestly everything else is just as good! Have you ever had their lobster mashed potatoes?, To die for! Literally, I love butter so fucking much and the lobster mashed potatoes is just F I L L E D with it and I love it, love it, love it, love it. Not to mention, their onion rings are so fucking delicious as well. What kind of a steakhouse has onion rings? Yeah, ringside. Just sit back in your seat, get a large onion ring, some lobster mash with your ribeye and enjoy life.



Overall –  4.25

Good service, good food I mean how can you go wrong? Also, this is one of the most known restaurants in Portland for a reason. They are always consistent which is what I like. They are classy and who can go wrong with a good piece of MEAT? Ladies? Some of you may love it more than me, some of you may hate it, but I definitely say try it and when you’re done with all that, try Ringside. Ha! Remember babes, eat Rich Or Die Tryin.