Puffle waffle is the new stand at the Happy Valley Station food cart. I’ve seen these waffles allllll over social media and I’ve even had it at the 626 night market in Cali before so I was curious to see how it was going to be here. Since this place is a food cart, I don’t like to rate on ambiance and what not but I’ll definitely touch on it and give an overall.

Happy Valley station is cool. It’s a collection of food carts which is what Portland is known for of course. What I love about this are is that they have inside and outside seating. Portland weather is shit about 90% of the time so having an undercover area is key. I came to these food carts specifically for the Puffle Waffle and ended up getting Wings, Pizza, Mac and Cheese and curly fries…WHOOPS haha. After I ate my midday snack, I finally got to order my Puffle Waffle!

When I had my Waffle in LA it was just the waffle. I’ve seen pictures of places in New York of these waffles with toppings so honestly, I didn’t know how it was going to be. The station was a cool setup, you could see them making the waffle with all the toppings. Luckily, the menu was simplified and easy to order. You choose from pictures and I love that because I can visualize how fat I’m being. There are 2 different flavors of waffles,  toppings such as candy, fruit, mochi or cookies, and sauces such as condensed milk, (YES, PLEASEEEE), nutella and more. I got so many topping and was not charged extra. There was 1 price listed at the bottom and that was $7. I’m sure eventually they’ll charge extra if you decide to order, you know, like everything on the waffle. I came damn close and yet, 7 dollasssss!

The wait for the waffle was a little long but they only have a couple of waffle makers so I understood…I guess… I’m hoping they’ll get more waffle makers soon, after all, Summer is coming and you KNOW people are about this hype. This is the first puffle waffle in Portland and people love to try new thingssss!

Overall –  4

I only have the other puffle waffle I’ve had to compare it to and this wins the cake by far. The waffle is firm but the bubble part is soft on the inside which is great. I got to custom make it to what I wanted so if it wasn’t good, I may need to re-asses my life. I actually love soggy waffles so I let the ice cream melt and the soak up in the waffle. It’s the best of both worlds, crunchy on top and soggy on bottom if you let it sit like I did. I ended up getting green tea ice cream (which is my FAVORITE), nutella AND condensed milk, mochi and pockys. Common, that entire como without the waffle is to die for, add that waffle and it’s heaven. I can’t wait to go back and get another one, I just really hope there is not as long of a line this time.