Service 3.75

Proud Mary’s is an Australian brand, opening their first location here! Everyone who works here is young, and Australian! You may think I am joking but I’m not. Most of the workers here have an Australian accent an it’s so fitting. My server was a young girl who was friendly but seemed rushed. I will say, she checked up on us in great time. She hit all the bases asking what I wanted to drink, eat, how it all was, if we needed anything else and if we were ready for the check.

Although I was checked on periodically, I felt my server was “one foot out the door” if I had anything to say. I honestly never asked for anything besides coffee and food but I really felt the pressure. I legit felt like I was giving a speech because her anxiety was rubbing off on me. It’s busy, I get it, but fake it till you make it babe. That was a bummer but I mean, I never had to track anyone down. Another bonus, you’ll never have to ask for water here because the bottles just keep on coming.

Ambiance  4.5

Proud Mary USA is definitely urban and modern. I’m not sure if it’s like this in Melbourne but it fits the bill here. Coffee shops in Portland are more on the contemporary side as opposed to the upscale, classy that I’ve seen in other big cities. I think that’s what makes PDX different and possibly why they chose to open a location here? By urban/modern, I mean cement floors, brick or cement walls, a lot of grey, wood and white. I literally can picture a million places here that fit that description.

With that being said, I love the ambiance of Proud Mary. The set up of the space gives us a little of everything. It’s first and foremost a coffee shop so they have a great set right in the middle. I also love that they have an open kitchen, not only so I could see if a pube was going to go in my Ricotta cake but I am so amused by Chefs. I was fortunate enough to sit at the counter so I could see how every plate was put together. I love to know how much detail and attention every plate gets and I was not disappointed here. There were regular seats but also a community table in the front and I feel like many places and moving towards that type of set up. Another hint that Proud Mary is modern.

Wait – 4

With how busy this place is, I was able to get a seat in 20 minutes. This was at noon on a SUNDAY so I would say I was lucky as fuck. I think the trick is, don’t be picky with where you sit and don’t come with a huge party. This place is definitely a good size but it’s not meant to host parties. It’s a coffee shop for fuck sake and I even heard a group next to me complaining about their wait. I came after with a party of 2 and got seated a lot quicker which probably pissed them off even more.

When I ordered a latte, it came within minutes. They have many baristas behind their bar so I highly doubt the wait would ever be long. My food took a tiny bit longer but you could see how busy it was. None the less, I wish it came sooner but that’s just my hangriness coming out. Since I was sitting at the counter, I could see how quickly the cooks were working so I couldn’t be a bitch about it.

Food – 4.5

Let me start with the drinks which they are known for. The coffee was good but I personally am not a huge coffee connoisseur. I loved the fact that they kept majority of it simple such as lattes, cappuccinos, teas and a chai. I am the type that likes my cream and sugar with a side of coffee but my sister, who appreciates coffee, liked my latte. She had the chai in which she was not a huge fan of and neither was I. Coffee is their specialty and that’s where they shined.

I ordered the ricotta cake and my sister ordered the potato hash. OH MY GAH, so much goodness. It’s funny because I loved the potato hash more than the ricotta cake and my sister liked the cake more than the hash. The ricotta cake was so fluffy. There were chunks of ricotta inside which gave the cake a creaminess but it wasn’t heavy at all. The citrus syrup gave the dish a light kick and the berries gave the cake a freshness. The hash was the saltiness I was looking for in a dish. Who can go wrong with potatoes? I totally love potatoes more than I love people. Smoked bacon and a poached egg on top made this a real meal. There was a light salad on top to even out the heavy starch.

Overall – 4.5

I highly recommend this place for coffee, food or both. I think I did a great thing by ordering the hash and cake because one was salty and one was sweet so it was a great balance. Who knew a coffee shop could have really delicious dishes. I’ve been to cafe’s that have dishes but not a real meal that leaves you satisfied. I love the space, loveeeeee the accents, I just wish my server would play it cool and I wish my food came out in 20-30 minutes and not 30-40. Definitely try this place out for yourselves. Remember Babes, Eat Rich Or Die Tryin.