I told you babes about what events Feast will have. Not only are there fabulous events but Chefs/ companies pair up to create Feast inspired goodies for this month and this month ONLY. I love that so many companies, chefs and people come together for the love of food! How amazing is that, right? Not only that, a portion of the proceeds of these collaborations DO go to Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon so eating for a purpose!

There are many collaborations and I got to try the Olympia Provision + Tillamook sausage. If any of you are cheese lovers, raise your hand! First off, I love Olympia Provision’s sausages for many reasons. They are all so flavorful and they have that perfect snap when you bite into it. As for the cheese, I’m sure all of you have heard of Tillamook cheese. They are everywhere with their cheese, yogurt and ice cream products. Every item they make is so creamy and they are just an iconic brand of Oregon. Pairing the two, how can you go wrong?

I had a few cheese filled sausages prior and I am not kidding when I say, there is NO cheese or very little. These sausages, however, were stuffed with chunks of sharp cheddar. I was actually surprised how much cheese there was. When you would take a bite, you could see the cheese just ooze out. The meat is made out of pure pork shoulder so the consistency is even. Combine that with some sharp cheddar cheese and you’re set! If any of you babes are going to Smoked, be sure to try it! If you cannot attend, you can pick it up at your locale New Seasons. Remember though, it’s only here for this month.

If, for some reason, you just are not about cheese, get off my blog! I am totally joking babes. There are other collabs including one that Olymipa Provision is doing with Full Sail Brewery. A bratwurst and beer combo to be exact! There are so many more if sausages are not your thang. There is a New Season + Hopworks “farm to feast” beer collab, tea collab and even candy collabs. *See below for the list* I cannot wait to see some of you lovely people at Feast and cannot not wait to tell you all about my experience! All of these will be displayed at the Grand Tastings, so if you want to try them all, that is best place to do so! Remember babes, Eat Rich Or Die Tryin.

  • New Seasons Market + Hopworks Urban Brewery “Farm To Feast” Fresh Hop Saison
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters + Alma Chocolate Whipped Mocha bar
  • Chef Tom Douglas + Smith Teamaker BLEND: No.190 Arbequina Oolong Tea
  • Olympia Provisions + Tillamook Cheddar Cheese Sausage
  • Olympia Provisions + Full Sail Beer Bratwurst
  • Chef Nina Compton + QUIN Mango Chili Lime Dreams Come Chew

Information was provided by Feast’s website.

See the full details at https://feastportland.com/about-feast/feast-fab-collab/