With September here, it only makes me think of what’s to come for the rest of the year. Sure, the first thing that come so to people’s minds is: leaves changing, pumpkin flavored goodies but I’m thinking of the biggest food event of the year! Feast Portland is a food bloggers D R E A M. I’m getting all giddy inside thinking about it. Whether you like trying new restaurants, creating recipes or just love to eat, Feast has it all! Chefs from all around come to little ‘ol Portland and debut some really great food/tastings. What makes this event so dope is that its DAYS long. Imagine Cochella but for food! There are events all over Portland at all times of the days. This year, Feast starts September 14th and goes until September 17th.

I was smart enough to attend Feast for the FIRST time ever last year. I’ve always heard about it but had no idea what it entailed. There are so many events to choose from: Drink Tank, Grand Tasting, Smoked, Night Market and more. Some of these events are small plates/ tastings, some are meals, and others are classes like the Dumpling Fest. I was able to attend a Grand Tasting, presented by New Seasons, where you literally go from station to station, nibbling on food and drinks from 80+ vendors. I was an idiot though and was too late to get a dinner series or any other main event. I was an even bigger idiot not to take any pictures. I’m rolling my eyes at myself as we speak. The Grand Tasting however was a perfect introduction to Feast, getting a little bit of everything.

This year, I am better prepared and will be at BOTH, Friday and Saturday Grand Tastings along with the Sandwich Invitational, presented by the Portland Trail Blazers. I am wanting to get tickets to the Night Market and Smoked but we’ll see if I can find tickets in time.  I love trying new restaurants and this multi-day food event gives me the chance to do so. I don’t have to go to a handful of restaurants or fly to different cities. In this case, the Chefs come to me… essentially who doesn’t love to be lazy and just knock it out all-at once? What I mainly love about this is, everything is an experience. Whether it’s a date night, a day with friends or going solo, you’re guarantee to learn and taste something new.

It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a wine connoisseur, beer fanatic, or you’re just damn hungry. Feast will have event for you, and that’s if you’re able to get a ticket because they DO book fast. Just a couple short weeks until the event is here so babes, I’m going to ask you the question, will you be there? Try this food-chella out for yourselves and find me if so! Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.

All opinions are my own. This is not a paid post. All photos are from @FeastPortland’s Instagram including the featured image.