*Obviously, I cannot rate this based on service, ambiance and what not*

I really love the idea of food packages. It takes laziness to the next level. There are so many food services out there like “Hello Fresh” and “Blue Apron”. Those bring uncooked food to your door, and you’re able to make a beautiful meal out of it. I have tried those but it made me think, what else can you have delivered? After looking up all sorts of packages, there are snacks, solely meat deliveries, candy, even ice cream (pretty pricey). You can try food from all over the world so I thought I’d grab a couple just to see what the big deal is. A lot of these, I’ve noticed, are from like Japan and what not. They are always a step ahead of us. MunchPak however is here in the US so I was curious to see what snacks I’d get from them.

MunchPak is a snack driven package. This can vary from candy to nuts. The box I received came with a whole assortment of randoms and some were from other countries which I thought was cool! I received more candy than snacks but I think most of you know from my Instagram, that’s OKAY with me. If you’re not a huge sweet tooth person, you can customize what type of snacks you like which is the best part. Their assortment is awesome because there are snacks from all over the world. Sweet, spicy, salty, meat, whatever it is, they can something in that category.

Once I placed my order, I received my box within a week. They responded to me within 24 hours which I feel like should be normal for a response. If I’m choosing a specific assortment however, I don’t expect them to be able to get it shipped out in a day but they did! I give them a for that. To get a 5, that’s like.. within the hour, over night status which I doubt most places do.

The box I received was dope. It was a box in itself so I didn’t need to pull off any wrapping and the design on the box was cute. The box was actually bigger than I had thought which I’m not gonna complain about. More bang for your buck? The prices range obviously, depending on what you choose but majority of their stuff is pretty inexpensive it just depends on what you get. You can get a box as cheap as 10 dollars so I like that it’s not a set price you pay monthly like other places. The problem of the set prices is, some months it’s worth it, and some months might not be. If you’re paying like.. 35 dollars for example and one month is 5 bags of chips.. they just make like 20 bucks on you buddy.

The assortment I got was tasty however. I got a drink as well just for show but the drink was a little too sweet for my liking. L O V E D all the candy but that’s me, I’m a candy person. I can’t rate it all based on what I got because they’re not the ones making the food/ snacks. They just provide it. Seriously though, look at the list that they have, it changes but it at least tells you the price and what country it’s from. It’s pretty cool. I don’t know if it’s because this is one of my first snack boxes, or the fact that I’m loaded up on sugar but I give this snack box a for the quickness and the assortment you can choose from. I also rate it so well based on that price, pretty inexpensive.

Try this out for yourself and tell me what you got in your box. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.