Service – 3.5

You know when things start out really good, and then just die out at the end? No, I’m not talking about your sex life, I’m talking about the service at this place. My server was awesome… at first. He was nice, answered all our questions and was prompt. After we took our orders, shit started going downhill. He forgot 2 out of the 6 drinks we ordered. They weren’t even complicated ass drinks. A coffee and a mimosa aren’t exactly rocket science to remember… especially when the other 3 drinks came out. Our food orders were correct, thank goodness, but after the food, I had to keep hunting him down. Almost like he was avoiding our table. After tracking him down, he was more attentive, filled up our waters, checked on us a couple times, then he pulled his disappearing act. I was getting so annoyed with the up and down service. Maybe I am talking about your sex life? Anyways, when he was on it, he was great, when he wasn’t, I was about to fire him myself.

Ambiance – 3.5

Mothers is located downtown so location is prime. The decorum is cute, it’s called Mother’s Bistro for a reason. It sort of has that home feel with curtains, mirrors and chandeliers. Since it is downtown though, parking is a bitch, just a heads up. It is crowded and loud so if you don’t like that, get over yourself.

Wait – 3

I think any brunch place at this point is not going to get a very high score. The wait can be an hour or more depending. The wait for the food was probably worse for me. I got a basic ass breakfast and it look so damn long… I was about to sit at the table next to me and eat off her plate. When I looked around, no one around me had food so not a good sign.

Food – 3.25

I got eggs, sausage, bacon and potatoes. My friends got similar items, some got waffles, others oatmeal. It’s pretty hard to fuck up simple breakfast. It’s not like this was a truffle infused sausage with brown buttered bacon, shit. Eggs were whatever, potatoes were decent, along win the bacon. I hated my sausage. It was sweet and I hate that shit. If I wanted sweet, I would have gotten the waffle which by the way was just a plain waffle. Nothing fancy about it. The oatmeal however was good, out of all things. It was almost like brûléed. Otherwise, breakfast is breakfast.

Overall – 3.25

Mothers is good but not great to me like everyone thinks. It’s cute, had a good location but personally, overrated. Some of you maybe be die hard Mother’s fans, and some of you may agree with me. See for yourself! Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.