I was given the opportunity to try McCrea’s candies, specifically caramels. Y’all know I have a sweet tooth so I was ABOUT this. Their website is super easy to use and honestly, I should document and rate on this more often. I love that it’s simple and more picture than wording. These are caramels, that are not going to have a million ingredients or instructions to go with so the simpler, the better.

Once I ordered a variety of caramels, I waited for them to come. They sent me a confirmation almost right away and they were at my door within 4 or 5 days. This is standard because I didn’t request any special shipping nor is it food that will spoil. The packaging on this so cute. I love that each container is separately sealed and I love that the caramel’s themselves are individually wrapped…Makes for better sharing.

There’s not much to it from here besides eat the caramels…my FAVORITE part. Sidenote: do you say “carAmel or carmel?” When I brought some to work, we literally had a conversation about this. I, majority of the time,…don’t quote me on this, pronounce words how they’re spelled and caramel is spelled with an A between the R and M. This is where I agree that English is hard. You all wanna take away letters when they’re there…want to act like that A doesn’t exist…Poor little a. CarAmel, Knight, Wrap…poor A, K and W. I’m getting really side tracked.

Back to business. They had some legit crazy flavors and most of them actually worked. Of course the vanilla, honey, cape cod sea salt and scotch worked. How can sweet not work with sweet or salty? The ones that I was excited to try was the ginger, cayenne, black lava and the anisette. I seriously just can’t do ginger, I can eat foods with tiny, tiny hints of ginger in it and this candy just had too much for me personally. My coworker ate it and loved it but I H A T E ginger. No worries though because the other flavors were so good.

Each flavor tasted just like the flavor they’re suppose to. You think me saying this may be weird but honestly, it’s common where a candy is supposed to taste like a candy but it doesn’t, it just taste sweet. To eat a piece of caramel and be able to point out what flavor it is key. The caramel themselves were soft and chewy. I LOVE how soft they were. They were so soft to the point where they stuck to the wrapper. Honestly, I’m not a huge caramel fan because they stick to my teeth but these actually melted after a bit so my teeth appreciate that.

Overall, they were soft, and melted in your mouth. Majority of the flavors were so good, even the odd ones just worked! One of my IG friends said it would be good to make a lava cake with and I definitely want to see and taste that. Order these, or stop by a retail store that sells these and try it for yourself. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.