Service 4

I’ve been waiting for a place like this… Milkshakes are THE shit! I mean my lactose in-tolerant may not think so but I doooo! This pop-up is inside Dapper and Wise Roasters so this place is already set up like a coffee shop. Get a menu, order at the counter and gulp down your shake. There’s really minimal service but honestly, that’s good. You’re not going to need anything really from anyone unless your milkshake is incorrect. They have water already set out to grab yourself, you throw away your own cup, if that’s not enough for you than you’re a spoil little bitch. My server at the counter was nice, he asked if I knew what to order and there was a small line so you should know by when you get to the counter, what you need. I said it before and I’ll say it again, if there’s a line, and there are menu’s being passed around, if you don’t know what you want at the counter, you should literally kick rocks. You don’t deserve to eat if you’re really that indecisive. I literally have no idea what I want 99% of the time, but I pick the first thing I see that stands out, I ask the server what their favorite is, SOMETHING. You learn tricks along the way to decide so if you’re holding up the line, you’re an asshole.

Moving on, the server was super nice, I ask him what was popular, he told me it was between the Honey Bee and I didn’t even let him finish. That’s the one I was leaning towards in the first place. He asked me if that was all as he sound, he took my card for me to run and he did it with a smile. It was quick, to the point and he was nice. I mean, the milkshakes are served in plastic cups so you should be throwing these things away by yourself BUT there should be someone maybe monitoring to see if there are any spills on the counter, any garbage that needs to be taken out and what not. There might have been someone doing it, but I didn’t see.

Wait 3.75

For a warm Summer night, on a Friday, the line was decent. It goes by quick as it should, I mean there’s only 5 flavors for fuck sake. Easy way to cut it down is, Vanilla or Chocolate, narrow that down, choose a topping that you DO NOT want, narrow that down, then TA-DAH! You have a flavor to choose from. I got there at around 10:15…they close at 11p so I was expecting everyone to be rushing in to place their order. It was busy but not Salt & Straw busy. If you’re from Portland, you know what I mean… especially the NW 23rd location. YIKES. I mean waiting in any line SUCKS don’t get me wrong but in about 10-15 minutes, I was ordering and paying so not bad. From the time I ordered to the time I got my shake was probably about 10 minutes which isn’t bad either. I mean.. you SHOULD have the recipe down by now right? This isn’t their first Rodeo.

Ambiance 4.

I honestly can’t say too much about ambiance. This location belong to Dapper & Wise. I love that all these places are doing pop-up in restaurants and coffee shops. It’s honestly SO SMART. I actually have never been to Dapper & Wise but going in for milkshakes makes me familiar with the location so if I think of going to a coffee shop, Dapper & Wise will now be on my mind. This goes both ways so why not both benefit from it. The space was the size of a normal coffee shop, nothing too huge. They are connected to an apartment/condo complex so there was seating in the coffee shop and in the lobby of the complex. I honestly had no idea that it was an apartment complex until I saw mailboxes which was a little awkward but it made for more space.

When it’s warm, there was outside benches which was cool too. There is this one wall inside with black and gold wallpaper which was D O P E. I loved it. Black and gold anything is classic. The rest of the space was very industrial, metal, wood, typical Portland feel but that one wall was cute AF. I love and hate modern/industrial style because it’s simple, easy, and super in, but tables and chairs are also metal and wood. That shit hurts my ass. I have no cushion or the pushin okay? Someone throw a sista a pillow.

Food – 4

The Milkshakes were great! There was Honey Bee, Woodblock Mocha, Tumeric, Berry and Nutella. ALL sounds great right? Honey Bee is typical Vanilla with a hint of honey. I got this and it was perfect. Nothing too over the top or strong. I was able to finish most of it and it’s a good/SAFE go- to if you don’t know what to get. The Milkshakes were thick, but thin enough to drink through a straw. Have you ever had a milkshake too thick you couldn’t suck it up? HAHA I am just picturing myself trying. It sucks. I mean it’s good but then you have to let it melt and what not. Just so much work. I also don’t like milkshakes with a TON of chunks. Some is great but at the end of the day, it’s a drink not a meal.  

My friends all got different things. Two got Nutella which was STRONG but I personally love Nutella. Great for me but it was a very strong chocolate, hazelnut flavor. One got Tumeric which to me taste like Mung Bean and Ginger. I’m use to these flavors but if you’re not, OH MAN, be prepared. Ginger like stings haha. I don’t know how else to put it. It’s such a strong flavor so if you don’t even like a hint of ginger don’t get this one. It’s topped with Fruit Pebbles which honestly didn’t do anything for it because the Ginger is the main flavor of the shake. The other got the Berry which was SOO DELISH. A little refreshing since the berries were a little tangy. You got the sweetness from the ice cream with a little tang from the berry mixture. I personally liked this the best.

Overall – 4

I would go back. There are very few places that do solely milkshake. I was joking with my friends that this needed some booze in it but it’d be so addicting, I’m sure Late Shake would be held liable for a lot haha! A place that’s open late is also hard to come by. I mean 11 isn’t late but after a meal, wanting to meet somewhere with your friends for a nice sweet treat, what more can you ask for? It reminds me of Happy Days where everyone would meet at a diner to drink milkshakes and eat fries. This is definitely a little hang out spot where you can chit chat about how terrible Society is while making your soul happy by feeling it sweets. Try this place out for yourselves and if you don’t like it, Salt & Straw is down the road if you don’t mind waiting. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.