Service – 3.5

First thing’s first, La Provence, during brunch time, sardine central, so I just want to let you know. I’ve been to multiple La Provence’s but I’ll rate based on the Progress Ridge location since I go here the most. The servers are usually nice, but they all seem in a rush. I understand it’s ridiculous busy but can you just fake it for me? Fellas, I bet you say that a lot. Don’t lie. My water gets filled continuously but by other workers, there are continuous servers and bussers walking by so when you want something, it’s not a problem to ask any random but it’d be nice if the server themselves were more tentative to their specific table.

Ambiance – 3.25

Progress Ridge is probably one of the better looking locations. It has a makeshift vineyard outside and more open space. All La Provence’s seem crowded during brunch so get use to that. I love that they have their bakes good right when you walk in, mmm, mmm but there’s usually NEVER anywhere to stand while waiting so like I said before, SARDINE CAN. Their theme is decent (french) but nothing too fun or fancy. Their chairs are uncomfortable but hey, get a booth if you can. Makes it a little more private.

Wait – 3.25

Oh the wait. For dinner time or late lunch, it’s not so bad but I am rating based on B R U N C H, what they are known for or at least in my eyes, what they should be known for. If you’re with a party any more than 2, expect more than a 45 minute wait. Honestly, that’s not TOO bad considering how many people come here. Their turn around time isn’t too bad, you just had the same idea as everyone else to go to brunch on a Sunday so shame on you if you complain about waiting. Luckily, Progress Ridge has other stores around so I just take my buzzer and roam for the hour or so that my friends and I wait.

Food – 3.75

There are really good dishes and some that just don’t stand out. This sounds weird, but their Tuna melt is REALLY good and same with their BLTA-E? For egg! So I can confirm, good sandwiches. Their egg benedict is decent. It’s never consistently good though. I like to get mine with bacon on the side. Anything to make my heart just beat a little faster. OH! And the Banana French toast. I think that’s my favorite. French toasted topped with caramelized bananas, white chocolate crème anglaise and chopped nanners. Y A S! Some of the other dishes like risotto cakes with eggs, and their hash, I am just not fond of but definitely some keepers on the menu.

Overall 3.75

It’s a pretty popular place and I’ll give it that, it has some pretty good items. Their baked good/ sweet treats are always a bonus! If you’re full, to-go is always an option. I preferably don’t love running elbows with randoms when it gets busy but HEY, some of you freaks like that shit. Would I go back? I do, so decide for yourself! Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.