Holy hell, I am so excited to write about Juniors Cheesecake based out of New York. I don’t know what it is about me rating New York products but if it’s able to get to me, I’m doing it! I saw multiple posts about this cheesecake on Instagram. I HAD to get my hands on this cheesecake so of course, I went to their website. The amount of cheesecakes they had to choose from, talk about heaven. It’s like a cheesecake factory that you can choose from. I picked their best seller, the traditional NY cheesecake, and the Devil’s food cheesecake.

From when I ordered to when they shipped was about 48 hours. The turnaround time is not bad considering the time and effort it takes to ship cheesecake. Think about it, it’s not like chips or dried food that you package. You have to not only fix boxes for the cheesecake, but make sure it’s packaged in a way that it doesn’t get squished. Cheesecake is delicate, or should be if made right, and it needs to stay COLD. It has cream and cheese in it, arriving at a house warm, that’s money down the drain. I had no idea how they were going to ship it to me but I was intrigued to see what they’d come up with.

They obviously 2 day shipped it to my home (can’t spend too much time out of a fridge) in Styrofoam containers. Smart because it absorbs all the impact keeping the cheesecake intact. They both had dry ice packaged with it which was awesomeeeeee. It was actually still cold when I opened the box. Literally, the most beautiful cheesecakes I’ve seen. The traditional has a little brown crust to it. The Devil’s food was thick, tall, has crumbs of chocolate all around. AH-MAZE! The traditional came with a cute Junior’s box and the Devil’s food came with a box as well so you’re able to gift it, or put it in the fridge as leftovers. I, of course, was doing the latter of the two.

I’m not joking, I cut into it almost right away. I’m literally eating a piece now HAHA. I have chocolate pieces all over my keyboard right now and I don’t care. Honey badger doesn’t give a fuck. Anyways, the traditional was seriously the best I’ve had… so far.. but legit the BEST. I hate when you have cheesecake and it is just super soft like gooey soft. I hate when you eat a cheesecake and it’s hard. I hate when you eat a cheesecake and there’s barely any cheesecake taste. I hate that I just listed off all of the things I hate in a cheesecake haha. This cheesecake was thick, light creamy, had a great ratio of cream cheese, and it when you cut into it, it made that disgusting moist sound which is how you know it’s good. When you bite into it, the softness melts into a thick emulsion and leaves the after taste of cream cheese. I’m always optimistic that there is a better cheesecake but this is the best I’ve had so far. 4.75. The closest thing to a 5 I’ve ever rated on my blog so far!!!!!!!!!

The Devil’s food was EVERYTHING in one. It was a layer of chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, traditional cheesecake, chocolate cake and chocolate fudge frosting. WHAT. YES! That was all in one cheesecake. It was S T A C K E D and filling. I love me some chocolate… luh it especially during shark week…TMI? Sowee. I personally found it to be a lot but I already ate a slice of the traditional so that could be it also. This is seriously a dessert connoisseur’s dream. One bite of this is so delectable, rich, and sweet. With a small slice, PERFECT for me. When a huge slice, it would put me right into a coma but do not get me wrong. It’s delicious, but the richness from the cheesecake and the sweet overload from the chocolate fudge, I legit died… 3.75 for this one. It taste like a chocolate cupcake, with frosting on one side and cream cheese frosting in another. Some people live for that, and some don’t but Juniors…they’re onto something. DEFINITELY try this place out for yourselves and remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.