Service –   3.25

Being really popular on Yelp, I was expecting this sushi restaurant to be on point. The server was friendly but I went during the slowest time of the day 3pm right when I got into Seattle. There was barely anyone here but yet our server seemed like she was so busy. I didn’t know a disappearing act was part of this lunch? Luckily, we were sitting near the bar area so other servers were able to tend to us. This is basic shit people, filling water, taking orders, checking up? Everyone was really nice, even my imaginary server but in any restaurant you just expect better especially when you can S E E that you’re maybe one of 5 tables.

Ambiance –   3.5

Being so close to pikes, it gives this restaurant a bonus! I was able to sit by the window so we could people watch while we ate. Common, everyone people watches and if you said you don’t, liar! Inside though, it was big, spacious but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s authentic. Not going to lie, I would guess it’s popular based on one thing, location!

Wait –   3.25

Like I said, I went at 3 so the there was no wait! Loved that. Waiting for the sushi though, took a long time. I mean, I guess there’s a plus and a bonus going at an off time. No wait to be seated, but less staff before dinner rush so food wait time and service is not going to be up to par… even though it SHOULD.

Food – 3.75

The menu had quite a few rolls to choose from. At this point, I’ve eaten at so many sushi places that it just seemed normal to me. Nothing spectacular about the selection. Basic things that you would see at any other typical sit down sushi restaurant. The rolls seemed fresh so that’s a bonus! I mean, being right next to the waterfront… this restaurant gets that extra perk. As far as the taste goes, it was good. There was a roll that is super popular that we got, the super bad boy, if you like creamy with a little bit of spice, this is the roll for you. It was G O O D!

Overall – 3.5

is this place authentic? No and if you think it is, honey, travel around some more! Are the rolls fresh and tasty? Yeah. Would I go back? Yeah, I would solely based on location. The service and the wait definitely got to me when rating this place though. You gotta give your best at all hours of the day but hey! Try this place out for yourselves! Remember babes, eat rich or die tryin!