I hope some of you are as into these food crates as I am. I ordered another snack crate and this time it was FROM Japan! The Japan crate was legit, it actually had to go through customs, the whole nine yards. Japanese foods, candies, and toys are so popular. People love anime/characters, people love snacks and people are now so open to variety. The Japan crate was just that…different but in a good way. Let me explain…

Japan Crate put together their July box to ship to me. They change their box monthly so you never know what you’re going to get but that’s fine, keep it coming! The crate took about a week to get to me and that sounds like a long time but it has to go through customs. It also has to fly oh, I don’t know, half way around the world. The box itself is super cute. Simple red on the outside but once you open it, it screams Japan with characters all over the box.

The box was loaded, a lot more than I thought to be honest. The box isn’t gigantic nor was it small so I was thinking, how many snacks can they pack? A whole lot apparently. There were savory snacks, a lot of candy and even some edible games! This crate had similar candies as the US, but what I love is that they do everything on a whole other level. The Doritos for instance were a “spicy” cheese. You think it’s similar to the spicy nacho but nope. This definitely had more of a kick to it. They also packed a lemon pepper popcorn. You may think to yourself, yum but it was definitely S T R O N G lemon.

Shout out to @Fuxinka for my picture

The candy, however, was on point, even the odd pieces. They gave me Mentos but coca cola flavor, a drinkable jello which was melon flavor, little chews that tasted like smarties and a whole bunch more. The candy selection was honestly the best! I love that asian cultures don’t always have the traditional berry flavors. They did include a drink which was a hot cocoa in a can! LIKE WHAT?!? It isn’t meant to be hot though so similar to chocolate milk… just not refrigerated. It tasted like… a less creamy chocolate milk so yes, a cold cocoa. I wasn’t a huge fan but it didn’t taste terrible. Reminded me of a yoohoo if y’all remember those!

Let me tell you about my favorite part! The build your own egg character!!!! This sounds sooo fucking weird but they gave multiple packs of mixtures that you are supposed to add milk to. These batters are to be heated in a microwave to “bake” them, then poured into a mold. The mixtures were white aka the egg white and yellow aka the yolk. The yolk was the shape of a little blog with a face and the white was flat like a blanket for the lazy egg character. It was so cute yet so creepy at the same time. My friends and I put the mixture together and refrigerated it. The pudding was actually fun to make. Who doesn’t love to play with food? It’s like easy bake without the bake. They also gave a packet of a sauce that looked like soy sauce. Once the little thing was assembled, we poured the sauce on it and dug in.

This little “do it yourself pudding” made the crate!. In other countries, they take different to another level. In Asian countries, we eat egg and soy sauce ALL the time. It’s the “poor man’s” meal paired with rice or the lazy man’s meal, whatever you want to call it. They took this idea and made it into a dessert.  You’re mentally preparing yourself for it to be salty and you bite into something sweet. It was a mind trick which makes it all the more entertaining. The egg pudding taste like almost a custard and had the consistency of a flan. The sauce was actually a sweet vanilla which paired well with the pudding. The taste was actually good, it was just a total mind fuck because you don’t think it’s going to be a dessert. 3.75. The candies were everything but the savory snacks were not my favorite. This is not necessarily their fault, some people do like their flavors but I was not a fan.

If you’re into different or just need a new perspective on candy and snacks order this for yourself. Remember babe, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.