Imperfect Produce

I’m sure you all have heard of produce delivery services. They’re convenient, am I right? I’ve previously subscribed to farmers market produce pick ups but honestly, I wasn’t a fan. The downside to other produce delivery services are either: you don’t get to choose what you want or it’s really pricey. The previous service I use was HUNDREDS and I mean HUNDREDS of dollars to pick up every week. I only got what was in season and there was no rhyme or reason as to how many of each I would receive.

I stopped using these services after a season because I felt like I could just shop on my own. If you’re like me though, you’re too busy to continuously go to the grocery store. Do not get me wrong, grocery shopping is fun but at times, it’s a chore. Also, I’m an idiot and go to the grocery store STARVING so I end up buying random ass food. I first heard of Imperfect Produce from Insta Babes in San Fran. After seeing so many friends post about it, I had to see what it was about.

Once I read a little about this company, I knew I HAD to try this. Let me tell you why I decided to try these produce delivery services again. First, these are produce that are not to store standards as far as how they look. They are uggo and that actually made me feel bad for the produce hahaha. Uggo produce need love too and honestly, when you cook it, who the fuck cares how it looked, right? If this company was not around, these uggo produce would be wasted. SHAME on the grocery stores for having high standards haha.  

Another reason why I chose Imperfect Produce, it’s CHEAP! My Asian side is always looking for a deal, 30-50% off type of deal! It’s can be as cheap as 10 a box. I spend so much more on groceries everyday and this service can be weekly or biweekly. You can choose not only produce but fruit as well and I am a fruit person! There are different categories you can choose from including organic which is what I had from the farmers market. Of course, this is what I selected to have shipped.

My groceries got to my home the next day and not one thing was moldy, soggy, or had holes. It’s ridiculous that food like that would be thrown away. I, of course, get the small box, I am just feeding myself but you can choose different sizes which is so convenient. A downside I have to this is, I still don’t get to pick my groceries but I guess it’s all dependent on the farm, and the season. You also cannot pick your delivery date, its determined by your zip code so be aware.

Overall, I was so pleased with my box and service!  I am going to continue to order from Imperfect Produce because honestly, it’s SO cheap. If you are the type that loves the grocery store, you can still do so. I go to the grocery store all the time for meats, wine, cheese, wine, ice cream, wine, you know, the basics. I JUST remembered, they only deliver to San Fran, LA, OC and PDX. If you want some cheap produce and would love to have them delivered, try this out for yourselves babes. Remember, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.