Hey Babes! I always get the question from out of town followers of where they should stay when they come to Portland. I’m from here, born and raised, so I have no idea what the hotels here are like! Sure, I have been to restaurants within hotels but that doesn’t necessarily reflect how the stay is. I thought I could explore this option and give you all the perks of the hotel.


I chose the Hi-Lo hotel because it’s fairly new, and I had previously been to Alto Bajo (the restaurant within the hotel). I checked in on Sunday at 3pm (standard check-in time) and right away I was greeted by everyone. The check-in process took 2 minutes and for once, I am not exaggerating!  All customers want to do is get to their room, get to the start of their vacation. Alls I had to do was give them my name, my card and ID and I was good to go.

I was given my key to room 215 so I wanted to immediately check out the room. Although, with some vacations, you are only in the room to sleep, I appreciate the detail hotels put into the room itself. I entered my room and saw a lot of wood which I personally love. My room was giving me vintage and contemporary vibes all at the same time. The wood and concrete makes the room modern but the color schemes and some of the decor was a little retro.

What I appreciate in a room is having separate spaces such as a separate closet, restroom and/or bedroom. I’ve been in hotels where the restrooms walkway is connected to the bedroom and that’s just too close for comfort. My room did have a separate restroom which was HUGE, with a gigantic wooden door and my bedroom had a lounge area, even better, I know! Those little touches are what elevates the room… that and a huge bed. My room was clean and nothing was out of place… trust me, I’d notice if the toilet paper wasn’t folded or there were off numbers of body towels to face towels.

I also judge the hotel on the amenities because I use those to the fullest. Valet, pet friendly could be a necessity to some, gym could be a plus, room service, an EXTRA plus, but this hotel has other bonuses which I would not have thought of. Heated wooden floors, shoe shining, express checkout from your TV, and a pillow library. Let me elaborate on this library because I have never heard of this. They have an array of pillows to fit your comfort, 24/7, like, get out of town!

The staff was so sweet, they always held open the door and went out of their way to say hello. In the lobby, there are a lot of lounge areas and someone would come by and ask if you need anything. There is a restaurant attached like I had mentioned previously (Alto Bajo) and a bar area, the Lo Bar (see my restaurant post). Areas like this make me want to stay within the hotel, I mean you are paying for it so might as well enjoy it.

I had a great experience here and what I liked most was how calm I felt being here. I mean, we’re in the middle of downtown with hundreds of cars driving by but when you’re inside, it’s almost peaceful. People checked in continuously but it was never loud. Have you ever been in a hotel lobby and it’s all just white noise? It’s definitely not like that here or at least from what I noticed. You get to sit back and lounge in peace whether in your room or in the lobby. I can now confidently recommend this hotel to you, babes! Check this place out for yourselves.