PIZZA (Pizza is it’s own category because you can eat it for lunch,dinner or the next day, breakfast *cold pizza*…at 3 am as a 4th meal. Pretty much anytime). I ate here for LUNCH


Service 4.25

I place this in “Sit down restaurants” but we all know pizza places are more casual than a typical sit down.. Well most. Heart Pizza is a casual, low key type of eatery. I can only rate from my experience at the counter because you do buss your own table and get your own water. The service was great. I asked what was good and the server gave me his favorite which I like…he then proceeded to tell me a few favorites but ended up listing a few pizzas . That’s that shit I don’t like. There’s not a lot to choose from, so you’re giving me like half the menu. I’m indecisive and you just fucked up my mind by listing off everything.

I came here a few times and have gotten different people. At the waterfront location. The server here was great! I asked what he liked and he told me what he liked, then gave me a vegan option just in case. I can’t complain about all the servers because there’s minimal face to face interaction… which I love since I hate people. Everyone smiled, gave me attention, then I ordered, asked if I wanted anything else, then left…sounds like my relationships HAHA.


Ambiance 3.5

Heart Pizza is super simple and modern. Concrete floors and white walls. You’re able to see their work station so you can see if a booger is about to go into your pizza or not. DEADASS….I’ve witnessed this before. Not here, but HUUUGHHH….so gross. The guy making the pizza was spreading out the dough and I have no idea if he had an itch or something but he then picked it and continued on with the dough. I about died laughing because it wasn’t my pizza but still sucked. Let’s hope that hot ass oven burned off that booger HAHA. I’m dying thinking about it. I’m not that rude though…

I warned the person who’s pizza it was…almost didn’t but I almost puked watching it so I kinda had to. Back to business. Seating here is wood tables and chairs, almost like picnic. Picture wood, concrete and metal and you have Heart Pizza. Nothing fancy but modern is in. I personally like more. I don’t like sitting on chairs that I feel like are making my ass bruised.

Wait –    4.25

As far as ordering goes, there was no wait. HOW AMAZING RIGHT!?! Super rare. I’m sure on a really busy day, there is a small line but I mean… there isn’t a gigantic Cheesecake Factory Menu to choose from. After ordering our pizzas, the time to get the pizza was quick. I would say about 12 minutes. That’s really specific haha like 10-15. Grab a can of beer, chit chat and it’s up in no time! This is quick because the isn’t a sold by the slice type place. It’s personal pizzas.


Food – 3.75

I definitely liked my pizza! I love thin pizza that you can fold like a taco. I like that it’s a good sized personal pizza and not one of those minis. I’ve had The Queen, Oliveto and Mushroom. The Queen is traditional, you cannot go wrong with a Margherita pizza. The Mushroom is my favorite because of the white truffle oil. The lemon on pizza threw me for a loop but it’s so thin and cooked, it just gives it a little tang. The Oliveto was interesting. I can’t get use to the Orange pesto. Everything else was good but that citrus flavor is a little much. At least I can pick off the lemon n the mushroom if it gets too much but the orange on the pizza is the sauce so you can’t pick it off. My first pizza I got here, was a little soggy so all my mushrooms kept falling off. Sad panda….

Overall –  

I don’t know if you guys knew but the co-owner of Heart is also the same as Little Big Burger and the ultimate, Blue Star. The owners definitely know what Portland needs. For some reason, I feel like Portland is a huge Donut place. People come from out of state to try some of our donuts. Burger and Pizza aren’t things Portland are known for but I feel like it really should be. It definitely is getting there in both categories. Portland does not do things traditional with either and this holds true for Heart Pizza. We do have traditional toppings, but we also love to go above. Portland is weird, DUH, so why not put lemon, Honey or truffle on a pizza? Why not have a brunch pizza? The timing is quick, and the portions are great which wins me over. It’s simple yet unique. Try this place for yourselves. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.