I’m going to keep this short and sweet…just like a babka. I legit had NO idea what a babka was. I’ve seen them a few times but always thought they were some type of cinnamon bread/roll.  Green’s bakery is based out of New York and they sell different types of Babkas. They ship anywhere so heyyyy, send some my way.

I placed my order with them and they were so quick to respond. I ordered the most popular chocolate and traditional babka. Got to have variety right? I literally ordered it off of an Instagram post. Is that normal…? I saw one of my IG friends post a picture of a Babka and it looked amazing and I went to order some right away. When I want, I want, okay?

The ordering process was super easy. I mean I wasn’t searching for anything more than whatever this Babka is but at the same time, they don’t have a ton of items to order which I kind of love. The more simple, the better. I mean if you can perfect one item, sell that. Don’t try and have variety of items that are all mediocre.

I got my tracking the next day of placing my request and I got the Babka’s within 5 days of getting the tracking information. The smell once I opened the box was AMAZING. It smelt like a mixture of cinnamon and a bakery. My kitchen smelt like I just baked fresh cinnamon rolls and instantly, I had to cut into these loafs. I love that they look like bread but it’s honestly not. Babka’s made up of layers of dough so when I was trying to cut then into slices, they fell apart so I had to cut carefully. Between each later is cinnamon/sugar. The chocolate one of course has chocolate in between on top of cinnamon. The outside was somewhat crunchy and the inside was soft.

They tasted how they smelt. Imagine a cinnamon roll with less roll and more cinnamon sugar. The traditional one is sweet, more sweet than I had thought. I was mentally prepping myself for a cinnamon roll without the frosting which is somewhat bland you know? This had the sugar on it so there was somewhat a natural glaze. I paired the traditional one with coffee (no sugar but of course cream) and it was a great combo. I honestly have no idea how you’re suppose to eat a Babka, but I treated it like a pastry and ate it with coffee which was good.

The chocolate one I actually liked better than the traditional Babka. STORY TIME- I looked up Babka and it’s a jewish/ Easter European pastry. The chocolate that they used definitely isn’t your typical milk chocolate. The inner layers tasted like it consisted of bitter sweet chocolate chips or sauce, not really sure how they make it, but it made it a tiny bit less sweet and was perfect for me. The whole dough isn’t chocolate (at least I don’t think), it’s all brown. Just the filling consisted of chocolate and it was great solo (no coffee needed although, still good paired). For this, I give them a  4. My coworkers loved it, honestly everyone who tried it loved it. I thought the traditional was a little too sweet for my liking so a  3.5 but the chocolate was on point 4.25 . Averaged out a .

I don’t have any other Babka to compare it to but I’m a fan. Order and try it out for yourself. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.