Service – 2.75

Brunch is the busiest time for this place. Being a Sunday, I expected the service to be a little delayed. My waiter was nice and helpful but I think I saw him a total of 3 damn times. Service to me is like dating. I better see you like a good 5 or 6 times before it’s official. Our waiter came once to fill waters and take our orders, another time when the food came and a third time to tell him I was dying of dehydration and to ask for the check. In this instance, the nice guy finishes last.

Ambiance – 4.25

If you’ve been to La Jolla, you know that it is GORGEOUS. Ocean front almost everything and you can feel the richness in the air. If you’ve never been there, let me break it down for you. It’s a wealthy beach community. Cody’s La Jolla is literally just a block from the waterfront. You can feel and smell the ocean breeze..not to mention the humidity in the summer but that’s besides the point. This spot definitely gave a nice beach front feel. I was lucky enough to sit on the patio and that’s always a bonus for me. If you’re located next to the beach and you don’t have outdoor seating.. you might as well be located in Nebraska (JK to all you Nebraskan natives). The ocean, the sun, the patio, the beach decorum all give it a big ass thumbs up.

Wait – 3

Like I stated above, BRUNCH ON A SUNDAY. All you Single white females raise your hand (totally joking). The wait was no doubt long as hell BUT with 4 other people with me, it only took a little over an hour. Being on the oceanfront like that, there were plenty of shops to pop your head into to keep busy.

Food – 3.75

There were really awesome plates and some not so good. I got the thick french toast with marscapone, fresh strawberries and honey butter. *SHUT THE FRONT DOOR* I know. It was just like how it sounded… full of diabetes and goodness. My friends however ordered the all american breakfast, the traditional Benedict and one make shifted their own omelette. I was not blown away by those dishes BUT they were still decent. Can’t go wrong with eggs in the morning next to the beach. It’s just one step below cake by the ocean!

Overall – 3.75

Service hits hard for this review unfortunately. This place has all the pieces for me to go back though. Food was good, view and location, AWESOME, wait was not bad so why wouldn’t I go back. You can decide for yourself. Remember, to Eat Rich or Die Tryin babes.