Service 4.25

The girls at Cloud City were all so nice! Since it’s National Ice Cream day, they were pretty busy giving out samples and what not. They saw me waiting and let me know they would be with me soon. Acknowledgement, even the slightest, makes the difference between good and great. When it was my turn, I asked to sample a couple of the flavors and my server let me know what was in each. I asked what the most popular was and she did not hesitate to say the salted cookie dough. She didn’t give me 3 or 4 popular flavors because I asked what the most important one is. I told her I wanted to do 3 scoops in a cone and she advised me she could do 3 scoops in a waffle but not a sugar cone which is what I wanted. She suggested doing a split scoop for 1 of them and one normal scoop. She could have easily given me 3 small scoops but she was honest which is what I like. I told her the order I wanted the scoops and she got 2 of them switched but I’ll live. As long as she got the top scoop right, I was happy.

Wait 3.5

It’s Sunday, it’s national ice cream day and it’s  Summer. I am giving this ice cream shop the benefit of the doubt. The line was actually not too long. I want to say there were 5 people in front of me. It actually took them awhile to acknowledge me but once they did, I felt better. For a couple minutes I got impatient, especially when I was at the front of the line. Once I was seen, the service made up for it but the line was definitely a little slow. There were only 3 people working and they were all occupied with customers so I do understand, I really do. I am just impatient and when I’m at the front of the line and have no idea what is going on and feeling ignored is no bueno.

Ambiance 4.

It was my first time here and lucky me, they just remodeled. Cl0ud City is very simple which I love. They have a white/ blue theme which is fitting for their name. Nothing too extravagant, as long as it’s clean, it has enough space, I’m about it. Tables are the typical plastic, white, 2 person table. It reminds me of your everyday, neighborhood ice cream shop and not so much the urban, contemporary ice cream shop like the rest of Portland. They have a few tables inside and a few out so it’s not huge. It could probably fit maybe 15-20 people outside and in. The location is in SE, in Woodstock but it’s a little out of the way. I had to make a journey out there but a couple minutes down the street is Reed college and everything else that is off Bybee. I’m sure this isn’t to out of the way for most people but I’m never really around that area. I am usually around Moreland/Sellwood area which is not too far from here.

Food – 4

They have a large amount of flavors and a lot of which are traditional such as cookies n cream. Don’t get me wrong, I love weird mixtures of flavors but not always. They do have those unique flavors that other stores have similar: Lavender, Bourbon Vanilla, and Sea Salt Cookie Dough. They also have flavors I haven’t seen in other places. The Unicorn (Mascarpone cheese, Red Velvet and Strawberry Sauce), better than Therapy (Lemon curd, and ginger snap cookies) were both super tasty. Than they have their own spin on other flavors such as Earl Grey Blueberry, Water Ave. Coffee, and Circus friends. I loved the combinations they put together and they are all homemade! The Unicorn won my heart over but everything was tasty! They also have vegan and sorbets if you’re not a huge creamy ice cream person.

Overall – 4

This is one instance where I agree with the Yelp reviews. They are highly rated and I would agree. Is it my favorite ice cream place? I honestly don’t know. I have one or two favorite flavors from all places but would I tell people about this place? For sure! They are a neighborhood gem. Simple, kid friendly, many choices including seasonal flavors. They will have at least something for everyone. I wish it was not so far from me and I know there are so many other places I need to try but I am VERY pleased I came here for National Ice Cream Day. Try this place out for yourselves. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.