SNACK- Soft Serve


I’m basing this solely on their soft serve, not their cheese or charcuterie. Funny that a cheese place has some popular soft serve. Guess this would fall under the “crack” option. Some crack with a side of chocolate ganache pleaseeee! The service when just ordering a soft serve is hard to rate. I don’t have a lot of needs besides taking my order. Nevertheless, I will give you service.

I don’t know why but I’ve never seen a female taking my order Hey, I’m not complaining but I am literally just thinking this now. The servers each super hipster in their own way. To be honest, they all don’t say much. They start off with a “heyyyyyyy, what can I getcha.” The first time I went, they only had an espresso dusted soft serve so I mean…. That. That’s what I want. After they started having more dustings, I would ask what type of soft serve they recommend. I mean, there still is only 2 or 3 to choose from so they recommend their one favorite. They’re quick when ringing me up but that’s about it. I would probably get more if I ordered actual food.


Cheese & Crack is a small place but it’s nice. It’s very, modern with wooden walls and chairs. They have outside picnic tables so that’s perfect for this time of year with their soft serve. I mean, this isn’t a fancy sit down restaurant per se, more of like an appetizer, snack, after dinner, happy hour go to. Soft serve is more of like a “to go” unless you get a sundae so the place doesn’t need to be huge.

The location is great. Right off East Burnside so there’s street parking. Majority of the time, there’s always a spot like a block away but if it’s a friday, or weekend, you maybe have to circle or learn to use your legs. There is a food cart pod across the street so it’s definitely a good place to start or end your meal outing.

Wait –

I’ve actually have never had a wait here. If there was, it was maybe 5 minutes. There is not a lot to prepare so I’d hope that it would not take forever. Each time, the person taking my order, prepares my soft serve so it’s in my hand in like 5 minutes. Super quick and easy. I’m sure if I ordered one of the plates, there’d be a wait but I assume nothing more than 10 minutes.

Food –

They do have plates such as sammiches, a salad and cheese platters but for me, the dessert is where it’s at. I am a fan of their soft serve. It’s so unexpected coming from a place like this. They’re not an ice cream shop or a fro yo place, they’re literally cheese but I’ll take that crack any day! The soft serve is light, the chocolate ganache on the inside gives it a nice surprise at the end. Almost every cone I ever have, I don;t finish it but the ganache being at the bottom makes me want to. Little incentive to keep going. Don’t be a quitter is what that ganache is telling me. The dust give the soft serve flavor without overpowering it.

I actually love just plain vanilla soft serve which is what this is but the matcha just gives it a little kick. The espresso especially gives it a little extra since the flavor alone is strong. The newest beet and strawberry dusts are a little more tart so if a tall, smooth soft serve is too sweet for you, the beet is a nice little touch to tone it down. I mean, overall it;s vanilla soft serve but NOTHING wrong with that.  

Overall –

The vibe of this place is super laid back. I mean, they serve charcuterie, cheese, they have beer and some wine, and they have soft serve in different forms…. AKA C R A C K. If cheese and ice cream are not both crack, then I don’t know what to tell you. The portions are huge and get this, it’s only 3 dollars. S U P E R cheap right? Funny story, when I came here, I thought somehow they made the soft serve out of cheese or cheese flavored. It’s not but how funny or amazing would that be? My favorite is their traditional espresso dusted soft serve but there are other ones to your liking. You’ll definitely be full off of one but I mean they’re so cheap, try multiple or go with a group and get different ones. You won’t be disappointed. Try this place for yourself. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.