Service 4

Byway’s Cafe is just that, a cafe…more of like a diner actually. I don’t compare a diner to, lets say, Ruth Chris. They’re completely 2 different types of restaurants. I’m going to Compare Byways to other diners and whatnot. The service at Byways was actually what I would want out of a diner. I wasn’t greeted or acknowledged walking in but knowing Portland’s brunch scene, I knew to put my name on the list and wait. When I came to check where I was on the list however, a server noticed and asked what my name was and told me that I would be seated shortly. The server always kept a eye on me and looked at the table he had planned for my party.

Once seated, my actual server was loud, funny and quick, which is again, what I would expect out of a diner. My server didn’t do anything over the top, checked up on my party to refill coffees and waters but for the most part, left us alone. At a higher end restaurant, most people would not expect this, but when I come to a cafe/diner, you come in, order because you SHOULD know what you want, eat and leave just as quick as you came. That’s the point.  


Ambiance 3.25

Byways definitely had that old school, route, theme. There were license plates everywhere, old school booths, little trinkets. Honestly, kind of felt like I was in an antique shop or like a grandma’s house who is the type that hoards everything. It was cool to get that diner vibe when walking in but all the plates, license plates, and whatever felt a little dirty just because it was clustered. The tables and counter seating was a nice touch to the theme.

Wait –   3.5

There are no reservations here, just first come, first serve. On a Saturday morning, the wait of course is going to near an hour. This place is also on the smaller side (which isn’t always a bad thing) but my party of 3 definitely waited around 45ish minutes. Luckily, since it is that cafe/diner style, most people ate quickly and didn’t linger. Thank goodness. I hate the people that linger… it’s like… Eat your food slower or take that convo outside because if I see you just sitting there AFTER you got your check… I’m about to just stare you down until you finish… Like go grab a coffee or something and chat it over…there’s a bar next door, take it there…

Anyways, after ordering food, it came in an okay amount of time. I noticed some people who came after me got their food before me but I can hope it was because I ordered a good amount of food? Actually, this better be the reason why because that’s bullshit if a party of 2 gets their food when they got seated and ordered 20 minutes after me. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Food – 3.75

They definitely had some simple dishes but hey, don’t fix what isn’t broken? Is that the saying? I mean they had your traditional biscuits and gravy, scrambles, omelettes, and pancakes. You’re not going to find an egg benedict, quiche, frittata type items here. I’m not going to complain. I got myself some biscuits and gravy with a side of french toast…yeah, yeah…I’m a fatty. Now you know why my meal took so long to get out. Another person got blueberry pancakes and another got an omelette with a side of gravy. I thought the gravy was good, my biscuits a little dense but I guess that’s what the gravy if for.

My french toast was pretty basic but the PECAN BUTTER… L I F E. Anytype of butter gets me goin but pecan with that french T…on point. The pancakes were typical pancakes. They were big and with the right amount of butter + syrup… yum. I’m not a huge omelette person and this omelette didn’t change my mind to make me a connoisseur of omelette goodness.  I definitely had to load it up with some gravy and hot sauce.

Overall – 3.5

Being in NW Portland, it definitely is a little diner gem. You have the older trader Vics, across the street, starbucks around the corner, and so many other upscale eateries. I had driven by this place S O many times, not knowing that it even existed. It definitely gives you a small town feel. Sometimes I’m not always in the food for a sit down, brunch, sometimes I just want to eat and get the fuck out of there. I did L O V E the mason jars for all sorts of drinks like cold brews. That gave it a little PDX touch. The food was hearty breakfast food that will leave you wanting a nap after. Definitely try it for yourself…I recommend some outside seating, sun hitting your face with a bloody mary in one hand perhaps? Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.