I received the chance to try Bunk Sandwiches newest sandwich for the Alberta location along with the famous F R O Z E. There was also a surprise dish which is a MAC AND CHEESEEEE! I’m going to write a quick review but I have been to some of the Bunk locations so the service, ambiance and wait are a combination. The food however is going to be based on the fried chicken sammich, froze and the Mac n Cheese.

Service 4

I’m getting a sense that Portland is a do it yourself kind of town…or they’re just lazy? You go up to the counter to order so there is minimal interaction with the staff. You buss your own table, get your own water but hey, I don’t mind because then it’s all on my own time. Every person I have interacted with has been super nice though. The server I had at one of the location was not welcoming but once I approached her and tried to chat, she was very nice and knowledgeable. At the debut event, everyone was SUPER sweet. I mean, yes it’s an event but they actually had other customers so I was able to whiteness them with others and they were attentive. Nothing above and beyond but at least they did everything with a smile!

Ambiance  3.75

Bunk gives me similar vibes to a lot of other small restaurants in Portland. That urban, modern, concrete, wood feel. You know what I mean. Most locations have booths and bar seating but they also have patio seating which I LOVE. The decorum in minimum since their menu take up walls (easier for you old timers to read ;)) but that patio seating is everything. Not only does it make the restaurant feel less crowded but on a nice summer day with a froze in hand.. YAAASSSSS. I do like that there is simplicity to the restaurants and with the locations/ buildings they are in, there’s not too much you can do with the space anyways.

Wait – 3.75

The wait for the event of course is no wait but when I have come here, many times, there is a few minutes wait to order and maybe 7-10 minutes for your sandwich depending on how busy it is. There have been times where I’ve waited longer. Once I waited like 20 minutes…BOOOO…but there have been times where I’ve gotten my sammich in a couple minutes..WOOHOO. Luckily, they always get it right. It is like any other place, if there’s a line, expect a wait for anything but if no line, it typically doesn’t take long to order or get your food.

Food – 3.75

I am a FAN of the fried chicken sandwich. The sauce/slaw is so yummy, the chicken is flavorful and crispy and yesssss, it is M E S S Y. The slaw is not too tangy or over powering so the chicken is the show. If served hot, yes, it for sure hits the spot. I’m actually surprised they didn’t create this sooner but other locations have their take on a chicken sammich. I didn’t know this but every Bunk chef can actually create whatever they want for their location menu (aside from the main sandwiches so that explains it. The froze was good as well. It was strong but the stronga, the betta! I say this because I’ve had a lot of froze’s that are loaded with syrup or sugar so it’s more of like.. a 7/11 slushy and not a frozen wine drink. They mix the froze with some lemonade so it was definitely refreshing.

On to the Mac n Cheese. It was good, but not amazing… do not get me wrong, I’ll eat anythingggg Mac and Cheese related. I love that they added potato chips on top since they serve potato chips with their sandwiches but the mac and cheese itself to me was generic. The cheese tasted almost like a beer cheese? I’m truthfully VERY picky about my Mac n Cheese since I’ve had all sorts. I like my Mac cheesy to the point where you get that cheese web when you take a bite. I also love a little something added into my macs. I’m talking about truffle oil, bacon, 3 or more different types of cheese or somethingggg. Wow. That sounded really bougie but you guys get what I mean. This didn’t stop me from eating a bowl of it though. I did like the crunch the potato chip brought. Almost like a baked crust. NOT to mention, it’s reallyyy really cheap. 3 dollar side of mac? Can’t beat that!

Overall – 3.75

The summer menu at the Bunk on Alberta is on point. That warm, crunchy, fried chicken sammie with that cold, refreshing froze? Picture all of that sitting outside on the patio with the sun shining. Perfect summer day right? Bunk has good people with good sammiches and good drinks. If only they had bibs for how messy it gets, LOL. Definitely go in an try this friend sammich for yourself, try the froze for sure and even try the mac. It might be to your liking! Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.