Service – 4.25

Everyone here is probably 35 or younger. Now, if you’re older reading this, that might not be a bad thing. Eye candy? Yeah? Although servers may be young-ish, you can just tell that they love where they work. I’ve never had a bad server here. My first time here, I was being super picky about what drink I wanted. Something non-alcoholic (yes, I’m over 21 people) and something refreshing. She told the bartender what I wanted and brought me something that wasn’t on the menu. Servers/restaurants that cater to you, how can you not like the place? It was my first time here, so the server gave us her favorites for each category (i.e., appetizer, pizza).

I ordered the mussels and clams. The sauce was S O good, the people with me wanted to save the sauce left in the bowl for the pizza. I wasn’t paying attention and started piling up the plates for the servers to take away. *Yes, I clean up after myself assholes*. My friends were so mad. When the server came back, one of the guys in my party told the waitress what I did. To our surprise, she brought out a whole NEW bowl of the sauce, they even added some more clams and mussels! A bowl of the sauce would have sufficed and it was free of charge!!! Doing the little extra gestures is the difference between an A+ and average. It took awhile for us to get the bill so that was the downside but we weren’t in any rush to leave.


This place is so dope! The M U S I C warms my soul. They play old school hip-hop, some electric, definitely a chill vibe. The decorum is rustic, mixed with brass and marble. Common, that screams Portland mixed in  LA. They have an outside patio for some seating and to wait. In LA, on a nice evening, can’t go wrong. This is a great place to eat with friends, girls night, a date or even for a late bite. You can sit at the bar and watch the talented mixologist make some thirst quenching drinks or you can sit at a table, with the love of your life right across from you. It is loud, music, the people, the drinks, so if you’re looking for a quiet dinner, not the place. I love noise, I’m loud as fuck so this is MY kind of place.

Wait – 3.25

I made reservations 3 months in advance to get the right time on the right day. If you’re not picky as far as day or timing goes, they don’t have to be that far in advance. You DO however need to make reservations if you don’t want to wait 2+ hours for a seat. They seat almost solely on reservations. I went with 2 other people once, no reservations, right when they opened and we had to wait 2 hours to be seated at the bar. Even with reservations, they usually run behind so just FYI, get a drink and chill on the patio for a bit.

Food – 4.25

Oh man, this place really does it for me as far as foodgasm! The bone marrow pasta is so rich and fatty, the uni pasta is L I F E, the mussels & clams…I just have no words for the sauce. I wasn’t too fond of the margarita pizza, or one the other pasta I ordered but I would say 85% of the meal hit the spot! I’m actually not a huge meat person and one of the pastas I got, stinging nettle ravioli, is a good vegetarian option. It’s pretty much one big ass ravioli stuffed with mushroom, a egg, in a brown butter sauce. Y U M!



Overall – 4.5

Bestia is just my type of restaurant! The decorum is classy with the marble, but rustic with the wood and exposed pipes. The music and drinks make it a lively scene, and the food just ties it all in. I go back almost every time I’m in LA and will continue to do so until I find something better… It’ll be hard to beat! Definitely try this place for yourselves, but reservations, reservations, reservations! Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.