Service 4

I came here for a friends-giving get together so my ratings are going to be a little modified. Once I entered I was greeted right away and walked straight to the bar to get myself some wine. The bartender was very knowledgeable in regards to drinks. Trust me, some of my food friends asked a lot of questions. It was a very relaxed dinner so here was no rush to be seated. After all, it is BAR Casa Vale, bar being the key word.

When it did come time to sit for dinner, my server was so sweet. The menu was already pre-set but that didn’t stop them from asking if we needed anything else. Wine bottles were at the tables and so were the menus. Water was continuously provided although I did have to ask for it. Once I did, they brought out pitchers. They cleared our plates and kept in contact. For a restaurant/bar, they paid a lot more attention than most places would.

Ambiance 4

This place is not too big but I love the space that it has. There is an amazing fireplace outside with a few tables and chairs. It was too cold to chill out there but I definitely would on a spring/ fall night. The bar is my favorite part of this place. The wall is a green/turquoise color so with the shelf lighting, it just pops. Not to mention, the entire wall is filled with bottles and bottles. The bar just pops with that color and gives it a classier feel.

The kitchen is partially open so you can actually see when grilling over the open fire. The exposed brick just makes the grill. You can actually see into the rest of the kitchen and it is SMALL. I’m surprised they can cook so many things with the size of their kitchen. The entire place is open so it definitely helps with the actual size of the space. This bar is located on the east side near Marukin Ramen and Nong’s. The parking here is a little better than downtown and it actually has it’s own parking lot. SO RARE to have one of these.


Like I said prior, it was a party so honestly, there wasn’t a wait for everything. Plus, it’s a bar so everything is on your own time. If you want a drink, go order one, same goes for food. The menu was pre-set so I didn’t have to order or wait too long between dishes. Since this was a party, I’m not going to give it a rating but on average, the wait for the food was 10 minutes or less.

Food – 4

I tried so many dishes here and I was a fan of most of them! They carry a lot of salads and some I liked some I did not. They had something for everyone: bone marrow, seafood, beef tartare, small bites, all unique it’s own way. I actually liked the small bites such as the flat bread and the clam lardo toast. It’s ended up being so much food and I didn’t know where to start or where to end.

The mains all had something special to them. The lamb was not just lamb but a lamb NECK. It was huge but was very tender. Not the chops most people would expect. The clams were in a tomato sauce which included TRIPE. The fried chicken was a turmeric flavor. It all sounds weird but they are a Spanish themed place and honestly, it was good. The tartar was delicious, the roasted carrots were K E Y and the tuna was yummy. My pictures can definitely tell it’s own story.

Overall – 4

I have been here twice and will continue to go back. I love me a good fireplace, cute atmosphere and good food. Not to mention, they have good sangria which I made that night. The bar is cute and there is actually parking here! You can’t go wrong with drinks and good company. It is pretty small so just keep that in mind when coming here. Try this place out for yourselves babe. Remember to, Eat Rich Or Die Tryin.