Service 4.5

This is one incident where my review ad yelp coincide. Andina is so highly rated for a reason. Every staff member here is so well versed on the menu and the drinks. Our waiter was so sweet. He recommended at least one thing from every section prior to me even asking. Someone who can read my mind is already winning in my book. One thing I cannot stand… (which is like any and everything), is a waiter trying to upsell me. I know that is how some waiters are trained but let’s be real here. I already have too sell my unborn child just to eat here so let’s just keep in 100, okay? Anyways, the waiter was honest about portion size. We gave me a list of all we wanted and he lets us know if a small was enough or if we had to get a bigger size. Honesty is key people! Throughout the rest of the meal, I only had to think about calling our waiter once, other than that, he checked up on us prior to me even needing him. One downside was the hostess. She was pretty…unpleasant. I mean I only had to deal with her for like a total of 1 minute but that’s 1 minute I’ll never get back!… haha.

Ambiance 4

Andina is in the heart of the North West downtown so you know the drill, plan extra time for parking. I love that Andina has different levels and sides to it. It’s not the most spacious… well honestly, it’s not spacious at all but if you can try and get a booth like I had, you’re golden. I love that there’s live music, it’s get loud but I love that. I C A N N O T stand quiet. I don’t like that it’s so dark but I guess it sets the mood for some people.

Wait –  3.25

This is where the restaurant lost me. I made reservations and yet still had to wait a good 20 minutes or more to be seated. The whole party was there and it was a part of 4. Nothing excessive at all yet there was a pretty long wait to just be seated. The time it took for our food to come out was also so long. I love when restaurants can get all the small plates out at once then all the entrees out at once. Everything just came out sporadically and that makes me more hungry. It’s teasing me but the bad kind of tease! How great is it to get one piece of an empanada then just sit for awhile, then get another piece of crab avocado then just sit and wait. It’s NOT. Luckily, the entrees all came out almost at the same time so we could all enjoy together.

Food – 4.5

Luckily, the food was flavorful even though the portions were small. They call it tapas for a reason, I guess. This is a high end Peruvian restaurant so it’s definitely on the pricier side but everything I had, I enjoyed. It’s all about how it taste to me, and it was yummy! I had the empanadas, Crab with avocado, the tuna, and my favorite- scallops!! The truffle quinoa was actually almost my favorite but scallops always steal my heart. I didn’t have one bad dish. Maybe because I’m a great picker or maybe because the waiter KNEW what he was doing but either way, all tasty. I’m not a huge sweet person when it comes to entrees and appetizers, some of the corn and plantains were a little sweet, but I didn’t mind this time.

Overall – 4

I really wish I could give this place more but that wait and snobby hostess just killed it. I am not a patient person and especially when I’m hangry, don’t fuck with me. Not being able to be filled up once food comes out is a disappointment. Luckily, the rest of the staff and the food made up for it. Andina’s reviews on yelp hold up. My ratings may be a little lower than others but I really hold restaurants to a standard. If you’re really a high end, fancy restaurant, everything should be on point or as close as possible. If you haven’t been, definitely try it for yourself. Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die tryin.