I received the opportunity to attend the two year celebration at Altabira and let me tell you… BEAUTIFUL. They also had a burger that they’re entering into #BlendedBurgerProject to get a chance to cook at the James Beard house. I’ve never been here before so I can’t rate the service or wait. Sorry Loves, but I C A N rate everything else and believe me, you’re gonna wanna hear it.

Ambiance  4.25

OMGAH, you all know by now that I don’t rate very generously so you know me rating this place higher than a 4, it must be nice. A lot of Portland places have similar vibes as far as the whole modern, industrial, simplicity trend. Altabira gives me an LA, maybe NYC type of vibe. It’s in a hotel, the Hotel Eastlund to be exact. It’s clean and definitely more upscale. The prices aren’t crazy expensive so don’t freak out. Hotels are made for business people, suits, heels, all of that so of course, a restaurant is going to reflect that. What got me was their patio. A 6th floor view probably doesn’t sound amazing, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. The patio has glass walls so you could see for miles. There was a lot of seating space with fire pits. It is what a rooftop vibe should be. Besides departure and Noble Rot, there aren’t a ton of root top areas so I L O V E the space they have here. I’m bougie, like give a pant suit and some rose and we have LIFE.

Food – 4

Everything I got to try was so yummy. For starters, they provided snap peas and pretzels. I am not a huge fan of either. They provided kobe beef corn dogs which I liked a lot. They were light and of course, the hot dog itself was very tasty. Not too salty which is what I find often in a hot dog. Shrimp and grits was another main. The sauce for the shrimp was great and grits were good. I’m not a fan of grits either because they usually always taste watered down but the shrimp and grits combination was tasty! The burger, the star of the show, was in slider form. Nice and juicy, just how I like it. They were small so I loved that. I truly do like burgers but I’m a simple burger with good sauce kind of person so these checked the boxes on my list. I’m also not a huge meat either so sliders is even better!

The dessert…PRAISE THE BAKERY in the hotel. The almond, strawberry upside down cake with toasted coconut ice cream is what actually got me. Not the starters, not the mains, the dessert. You know my sweet tooth is always in search. There was a crunchy crust on the outside and the melted ice cream made the cake soft and moist on the inside…YAAASSS! I could eat that all day.

Overall – 4

I will definitely go back to get the service and wait rating. I really hope those hold up as well as the ambiance and food. Of course, you could think I’m bias but the view and most of the food is just really that good. Imagine coming from a long day of work, not wanting to change and just go from work to drinks. You meet your crew on this gorgeous rooftop patio, grab a couple cocktails, a few snacks and just put your feet up next to a fire pit? MMHMM. Try this place out for yourselves and if you don’t like it, hey, there’s always Dennys next door.Remember babes, Eat Rich or Die Tryin.